dimanche, mars 29, 2009

Feedback needed with Impress 3D OpenGL transitions on Mac OS X

With the recent changes Thorsten Behrens did (he fixed the bad color space with the cairo canvas helper), the 3D OpenGL transitions are now working correctly with OpenOffice.org on Mac OS X. Of course, there is probably some additional work before to consider the implementation as "ok", but at least people can test them.

For the adventurous, there is an archive available(Mac Intel only, you use it at your own risks) there (search for INTEL -> DEV300_m42_ogltrans4mac -> en-US)

Please read this mail for further information, and don't forget to provide feedback and/or file issues assigned to me if ever you find problems.

UPDATE : anybody interested to help me can have a look on the wiki page I created for the occasion.

=> Mac OS X Porting & OpenGL transitions with Impress

Last but not least, a big thank you to Mox Soini(cairo implementation), Radek Dulik (most of the OpenGL thing'ry on OpenOffice.org for Linux) and Thorsten Behrens(Impress Expert) for his help.

To be continued ... (I hope students working on new 3D transitions will be happy :) )

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vendredi, janvier 23, 2009

Colored tabs implementation in Calc

... or howto help a new contributor joining the OpenOffice.org Project.

Many thanks to Daniel Watson, who wrote this new feature, and I would like to mention the great support from Kohei Yoshida, another OpenOffice.org developer from Novell, who is a Calc expert.

From my side, I welcomed Daniel . Since two days, we work together, (mostly on the #education.openoffice.org IRC channel ), to avoid bothering other devs, with basic questions, like explaining the build process, how to debug, rebuild including symbols, how to improve the code (like respect the coding guidelines .. and son on), and I fixed some builds issues with him ( + I started the code review ). The biggest issue we encountered was a dark visibility issue, but SC_DLLPUBIC macro helped to solve that.

To illustrate the great work Daniel did (mostly alone !!), better use screenshots :-)

Please note, I used Mac OS X Aqua version for the screenshots, but it should work the same way on all ports

The first one describes how we can set the color of the tabs :

The contextual menu

The next illustrates the result :

The contextual menu

Yet another example :

The contextual menu

Now what ?

Of course, the road is long before integration, but Daniel created a wiki page, to start with specifications, and if you want to help him, feel free to contact him !

At the end, I just would like to say this is fantastic to welcome new developpers like Daniel, the message to the other who hesitate, is : please don't !!


Donate to Education Project


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mercredi, janvier 14, 2009


Last course of the semester. Can now spend more time on the code :)


* appleremote02 approved by QA, means will probably be in 3.1 (just code, not a feature)
* appleremote03 created

* matching wiki page has been updated (follow this link )

Fardad confirmed : 7 new students, plus probably other will join the channel.

Working on ogltrans4mac

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samedi, janvier 10, 2009

appleremote02 (part7)

Now, the remote works in Windowed mode. The solution was simply in front of my eyes since a while. I think the code simplification improved the design (Philipp has to confirm this is correct).

The new idea is, since we no longer use keycodes, we simply no longer need to check whether we are or not in fullscreen or in presentation mode. This job is a salframe (and salframeview) one, and works out of the box.

Bad news: was not able to build Andre's solution. I'll keep the one Philipp suggested: simple and efficient.

Triggered issue 97925. Investigating. If ever I can fix it, I'll be done with appleremote02, and time to find a QA resp. and check the Ready for QA thing

Updated the Apple Remote documentationon the wiki

Booked flight + hotel for FOSDEM 2009. Sent the proposal to Jurgen.

If it is accepted, this will be my third (already !) participation to the FOSDEM. This year, I proposed a workshop about my contributions to the Mac port of OpenOffice.org.

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mardi, décembre 23, 2008

appleremote03 (part1)

Since everything work with appleremote02, I think the last remaining changes for this cws will be about :
- remove the eventlistener (e.g. when closing the document)
- avoid leaks (to be confirmed)
- test on other ports (Windows)

Started working on appleremote03 : implement the contextual menus with the remote.

Done :

* catch all the remote event, and turn them into the right MEDIA_COMMAND
* found where in the code, is treated the contextual menu entries with mouse events or the keyboard

Work in progress : design the new implementation

Todo :

* create the new case, means when in fullscreen, and one popup menu is open, specificly for the remote events
* create one callback for any catched remote events
* write separated tests for every part
* write the code
* test

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samedi, décembre 20, 2008

appleremote02 (part 5)

"Play" works :-)

After searching the entire week (in my free time, mostly late in the evening), I finally found a way to fix the issue I mentionned in the previous entry ( appleremote02 part 4), ... and I finally get it working :-)

Of course, the changes I commited today are maybe not the best one, and I'm waiting for opinion(s), one people who accepts to QA my code, and maybe tell me whether something is wrong.

How does it work ?

When opening a presentation (in static mode) in Impress, it means we use Draw with another GUI. Our issue was, no event listener was running, and thus, the events sent through vcl ( kRemote* turned into MEDIA_COMMAND_something ) get lost. Just because the eventlistener only exists when Impress is in presentation mode. The idea was: implement a new event listener in sd, but more early, means in static mode, to be able to catch the "Play" event, the last one who was not working.

But what do exactly, and where ?

The only way I found to understand was to ask on IRC, and read the code (if you know better, please tell me). I firstly tried in sd/source/ui/unoidl, but it was not correct, and following the advice from Thorsten, I tried in sd/source/ui/app. Probably not perfect, but at least it works.

Everything is based on the use of macros (at preprocessor step). Following the existing example previously studied in slideshowimpl.cxx, I had to :

1) add a DECL_LINK() in the header, to declare a member function in a class that acts as a handler

2) set a handler using the LINK macro : after searching a while. I have choosen to use the sd/source/ui/app/sdmod1.cxx, in getState(), where a lot of things are initialized. The first choice was to set it in sd/source/ui/unoidl/unomodel.cxx, but the choice was probably wrong (at least too complicated), because I had no easy way to retrieve the frame and the shellview.

The LINK() adds the event listener.

3) Set an LINK_IMPL() acting as - sort of - "Callback", with the parameters passed in arguments by LINK().

The IMPL_LINK is the place where I put what do of the event. For instance, check, first whether we have sd running in Impress mode (the other mode is Draw mode), second whether there is a frame containing the presentation, and is focused .. and so on.

4) the most simple was to remove the previous hack to switch at runtime (using environment variables) between use F5 or not. Now, only the right way is used, of course.

Note: in sdmod1.cxx, I firstly believed I could factorize more the code, and this bad idea caused me a lot of pretty crashes before I understood I had two steps at some places, instead of only one. Until now, with the current status of appleremote02, no crash occured.

Other fixed items :

- did some modifications in the wiki page about Apple Remote Implementation
- commited the changes in the appleremote02 cws

Conclusions: I spent a lot of times on that, but I think I understood an important information in OpenOffice.org source code with the DECL() , LINK, LINK_IMPL() mechanism (that's why I try to describe it). Indeed, the scanner does use a similar mechanism, and I know have 90% of the information for the Image Capture implementation, that Valentin Janiaut started some times ago. Another good thing, is the entire changes, if accepted, are really portable : the first side effect will indeed be, it will work on Windows too !!

Last but not least: who helped me there ?
As usual Philipp Lohmann (for important theorical points**), Thorsten Behrens (for his great Impress knowledge) and Jonathan Winandy (from the Centrale Nantes Team) who agreed to build appleremote02 on Leopard on monday (and do some little tests), to confirm there is no obvious problem.

**e.g. Philipp confirmed me, that two event listeners can run together without clash, what I was not sure at all.

To do :

- code cleanup (remove some debug extra stuff e.g.)
- improve : add a removeEventListener somewhere ?
- track leaks ?
- build a clean set, based on appleremote02
- upload it and ask people for tests
- ask for other tests in Windows and Linux ?

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samedi, décembre 13, 2008

appleremote02 (part 4)

Removing the F5 key

In appleremote01 cws, the plan was to send keycodes, and the sd had to interpret as commands for the slideshow. It works perfectly, but has the drawback to not respect the portability criteria.

As replacement, I modified the way events are sent to the application

Before, we had :

[NSApp postEvent:

[NSEvent keyEventWithType:NSKeyDown
location: NSZeroPoint
modifierFlags : modifierFlags
timestamp: 0
windowNumber: [[NSApp keyWindow] windowNumber]
context: nil
characters: characters
charactersIgnoringModifiers: characters
isARepeat: toBeRepeated
keyCode: theKeyCode]
atStart: NO];

Means, for every case, I sent the right keycode, for the right slideshow command ( I passed the theKeycode variable to the postEvent method, using an keyEventWithType:NSKeyDown type) (for further information, see RemoteMainController.m appleremote01 )

The new implementation is different :

1) I created a different event type (otherEventWithType:NSApplicationDefined ) sent to the NSApp

- (void) postTheEvent: (short int)buttonIdentifier modifierFlags:(int)modifierFlags
[NSApp postEvent:
[NSEvent otherEventWithType:NSApplicationDefined
timestamp: 0
windowNumber:[[NSApp keyWindow] windowNumber]
data1: buttonIdentifier
data2: 0]
atStart: NO];

(for further information, see RemoteMainController.m appleremote02)

2) in AquaSalInstance::handleAppDefinedEvent(), the NSApp detects the event (in vcl/aqua/app/salinst.cxx ), and turns it into a MEDIA_COMMAND_(some_name) event through the data1 parameter. Then, the sd received the event throught the eventlistener, and does the dispatching to the ::Command and ::Notify implemented methods.

The problem was, it works nicely for all events sent, but only when the slideshow is running.

Means: no way to start the slideshow using the same method as the one used for e.g. gotoNextSlide(), gotoFirstSlide() and so on. My first hack was to continue to create, in salinst.cxx, the NSKeyDown event. The problem is ... it is just a hack.

So I decided to figure out what was happening. And for that, I implemented new methods (uggly buggy hacks, but very usefull to trace everything at runtime), in sd/source/ui/view/viewshel.cxx (see the diff for further information)

What I discovered, is, the events coming from the remote are never seen, when the slideshow is not started !

My first tries where: maybe I do no send the event to the right frame ? So I implemented another hack, when sending the "PLAY" command. The idea was to check for every frame, and see what happens ... More precisely, doing :

switch ([pEvent data1])
case kRemoteButtonPlay:
std::list::iterator it = pSalData->maFrames.begin();
while( (*it) && (it != pSalData->maFrames.end()) )
AquaSalFrame* pFrame = (*it);
Window * pWindow = pFrame->GetWindow();
if( pWindow )
const Point aPoint;
CommandEvent aCEvt( aPoint, COMMAND_MEDIA, FALSE, &nCommand );
NotifyEvent aNCmdEvt( EVENT_COMMAND, pWindow, &aCEvt );
fprintf( stdout, "EVENT_COMMAND Notified from
AquaSalInstance::handleAppDefinedEvent \n");

if ( !ImplCallPreNotify( aNCmdEvt ) )
pWindow->Command( aCEvt );

But nothing ... After tracing a lot, and using the backtraces for working and not working events, Philipp Lohmann suggested me to check the focused window.

So did I, using Window* pWindow = Application::GetFocusWindow(); instead of the list of frames.
And one more time, it was not working :-/

So what is the problem ? After yet another discussion on IRC, Philipp finaly found the reason, following ( if I'm not wrong) Christian Lippka explanations : the draw event listener for the slideshow is not active.

More precisely, the "play" does not work on Windows too. The reason is, as soon as the slideshow exists, it registers as event listener of the application. But that is AFTER the slideshow is started. Said differently, the slideshow doesn't exist at all, before the F5 key is pressed :)

=> So the events go nowhere (what I verified since several days ;) )

The solution (see issue 97195 ) in the air is the sd to register as event handler before. Andre Fischer is the specialist, and will work on that.

So far, once it will work, I'll just fix that in 2 minute, and this is the last change I see before to declare the cws as Ready for QA (and find someone for the QA ...) : everything else works, including a new little feature: play/pause when slideshow started.

Crossing the fingers to see the change occur before the deadline of 3.1 (waiting, I'll have a look at how eventlistener work ... cannot be bad to understand how things work ... ;-) )

.. to be continued ...

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mardi, novembre 18, 2008

[Mac OS X] experimental PowerPC and Intel builds need feedback

Please note : not for production, backup your datas, save your prefs *before*... ...

For the adventurous, I do provide advanced, experimental builds for both PowerPC and Intel, here : URL of Laurent site ( I can provide german on demand )

Those builds are based on DEV300_m35 + ogltrans4mac + macmenusquit + appleremote02 cws's

* ogltrans4mac cws means, OpenGL transitions are inside, and work
* macmenusquit cws aims to removes useless "Quit" entries in all OpenOffice.org applications ( Calc, Writer .. and so on)
* appleremote02 is a new apple remote implementation

And if you want to improve the chance to see such changes in the future 3.1, I really need feedback : thanks in advance for any ... !!

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mardi, novembre 04, 2008

appleremote02 (part 3)

Since DEV300_m35, appleremote01 cws has been integrated, and the Apple Remote works out of the box with Impress.

Means, it will be included in the 3.1 Aqua version of OpenOffice.org :-)
Do not forget to use it with the presenter screen feature !

The feature is available and works on PowerPC machines too, but just a little number of machines are concerned. If you are such user, please send me feedback !

In meantime, I progressed a lot with appleremote02, and it works already. Play/Pause key now allows to blank screen, and I'm searching how to add other features.

Remain two issues to be solved:

- I currently use the F5 keycode to start the presentation, because there is no other simple way to start the presentation (or please contact me if Thorsten Behrens and me missed it )

- the second issue is more difficult to be solved : I can easely activate the popup menu ( i.e. contextual menu ) in fullscreen, but not control it yet, because I have no outlet with the Cocoa part -> all suggestions are welcome :-)

And for the adventurous, I do provide builds for both PowerPC and Intel, here : URL of Laurent site

They are based on DEV300_m35 + ogltrans4mac + macmenusquit + appleremote02 cws's

* ogltrans4mac cws means, OpenGL transitions are inside, and work
* macmenusquit cws aims to removes useless "Quit" entries in all OpenOffice.org applications ( Calc, Writer .. and so on)
* appleremote02 is a new apple remote implementation

Thanks in advance for any comment and feedback !!

Important: you use them at your own risks, take care to not use them in production, and make a backup of your datas *before* the tests.

Known issues (no need to file new one ;-) :

- using a high resolution for the external monitor, the area used by the NSOpenGLView for drawing the 3D scene is not correct (canvas fault imho)

- little flicker at the end: could be the rendering, maybe not complete, when the flush starts (thanks to Radek Dulik for the possible origin of the issue)

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vendredi, octobre 31, 2008

appleremote02 (part 2)

The second implementation works !! Thanks to the gold advices from Philipp Lohmann, who saved me a lot of time.

I spend one hour to fix a stupid typo (if you see it, please drop me a mail ;-) ) :
SalData* pSalData = GetSalData();
AquaSalFrame* pFrame = pSalData->maFrames.front();

Window * pWindow = pFrame->GetWindow() ?
if( pWindow )

Plus one other hour to see why start was not working, nor go to last slide ... **
But now, it simply works, and I'll try to add the contextual menu, and more if I can. Anybody interested to QA the cws ?

Total cumuled time to work on that: 10 hours

To be continued ...

**ha ha : the methods are simply missing in the slideshow, when you use events -> will do

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jeudi, octobre 30, 2008

appleremote02 (part 1)

Since Florian Heckl approved the appleremote01 cws (thanks to him !), we can say the Apple Remote has big chances to be integrated in the Mac OS X version of OpenOffice.org 3.1.

UPGRADE : appleremote01 is in the coming DEV300_m35 !! :-)

The code is ready since a while (in september is was ready), but as usual, the QA is a bottleneck : we simply losed month for this feature integration :-/

Well, without wait more, I started the appleremote02, who will improve the process, making the change more "portable". All details are given there appleremote02 cws description (I'll add information progressively).

The plan is to use another type of events, for instance NSApplicationDefined , and pass the buttonIdentifier as parameter (data1 ).

More techincaly, I created a new events subtype ( AppleRemoteControlEvent), and this new event type will be detected by the NSApp in AquaSalInstance::handleAppDefinedEvent( NSEvent* pEvent ).

I didn't change anything to the butttons, but I'll probably add new effects, like contextual menus, once they will be properly handled.

First results :

* in Fullscreen
Received the following event from the Apple Remote : 16
Received the following event from the Apple Remote : 2
Received the following event from the Apple Remote : 32
Received the following event from the Apple Remote : 64

.. and so on

* In normal mode, we receive only menu + play buttons as expected

Looks ok so far :-)

Status of the changes:

Done (but code not commited, because appleremote01 is not integrated ) :

* remove the event sending the keycode
* implement new method, sending new event type, including the buttonIdentifier value
* implement glu code for intercepting the event and receiving the value of the message
* new libAppleRemote builds without any glitch

Planned :

* turn the notification into the right constant ( COMMAND_MEDIA and co defined in vcl/inc/vcl/cmdevt.hxx )
* build
* test
* verify

To be continued ...

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jeudi, août 28, 2008

OpenGL transitions in Impress for Aqua (1)

Started the effort, to make work the OpenGL transitions, Shane M. Mathews developed under the Google Summer of Code 2007.

The goal is to use these transitions in Impress with the Aqua version. Obviously, the feature does concern Mac OS X only. As reminder, the great work Shane did, was mentored by Thorsten Behrens.

The work is progressing fastly, and I created the cws is ogltrans4mac. We'll probably do commit everything soon ( build completed with the current patches)

Everything will be documented on the OpenGL transitions for Aqua wiki page. I'll document the code changes (incuding the one about another idea) asap.

Currently, the transitions can be tested, but some important issues have to be solved, and any help for the implementation is welcome.

Last, I'd like to thank Stephan Schaefer for the important piece of code he provided (making the NSOpenGLView working).

Any volunteer is warmly invited to join us in the adventure :-)

Some screenshots are available here

IMPORTANT: we need volunteers to (I hope this will not slow down the work in progress) write a spec document

... and the Macport needs new devs, with objective C / C /C++ skills. Feel free to contact us :)

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jeudi, août 21, 2008

apple remote (5)

Last changes:

- Seems to work well with the the Presenter Screen, a great and promising feature. Many thanks to the authors btw !

The issue was, the events were not sent to the right screen, and thus, no clics ... After searching complicated things, it was just a bad parameter. For one time I didn't had to read Apple doc for hours. Just a 20 minutes of search ... et hop :-)

- Updated the wiki page

I'll continue to test

To be continued...

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mercredi, août 20, 2008

apple remote (4)

Recent changes :

- commited all the code
- the bounce with previous slide is fixed
- some new keyCodes are under test ( NSEvent.h is really helpfull ! )
- Did some cleanup, and code factorization.
- F5 can open the navigator in Calc/Draw and writer. Other keys are not active

I'll upload a new (unofficial and hacked) Intel build today on Laurent site today

The idea in the code factorization was to add a (private) method for sending the events, and simplify. No idea whether other parameters can or not be usefull, but I'll do some investigations.
e.g. use the isARepeat parameter could be interesting, because more "Front Row like"

Todo : open contextual menus, and make the up / down buttons work, and select items in the contextual menu (if ever it is possible).

Last : I found information about the concerned API for the Media Browser :-)

To be continued ...

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mardi, août 19, 2008

apple remote (3) and other recent things

The apple_remote alias is ok (thanks to Martin Hollmichel), thus I created appleremote01 cws ( should be buildable with m29 now).

Thanks to Eike Rathke who explained me how commit the new build.lst and d.lst

The great and fast feedback from Yves Roggeman, who helped me to fix the fullscreen issue ( I just forgot to implement it ).

I made a point with Pierre Pasteau about his first task ( see replace mozilla 1.7.5 )

Hope to find some time for the other cws I'd like to create ( macmenusquit)

Last but not least, new builds are available on oooaqua site ( ja locale is available for Intel, and I'll start PowerPC build this afternoon)

IMPORTANT : please do not forget they are unofficial and hacked builds, who just aim to receive feedback about the apple remote, nothing else. Do not use them if you don't know what you are doing, and make a backup of your datas

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dimanche, août 17, 2008

Apple Remote in Impress : first try before more serious implementation

Just back from holidays, I found some times to hack the Apple Remote (the controller shipped with Apple machines).

After a week of learning the great Pierre Chatelier documentation (Objective C for C++ developers ), and Aaron Hillegass book " Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X", I finally found how to adapt Martin Kahr's code, to make the Apple remote work with OpenOffice.org.

Today, reading Apple documentation, I finally found a simple way to implement the basics of the thing. and it works :-)

What you currently can do is:

- start a presentation
- goto next / previous slide
- goto to last/first slide
- quit the presentation

The Impress window must be in front (the active window). Else, Front row menus works as usual.

Some other features are missing, and I hope to make them work asap.

For the curious, I do provide unofficial builds Intel only ( PowerPC on tuesday), for en-US , fr and de (upload in progress). Don't forget to do a backup of your files.

The URL for the download is Laurent Buisson site . Many thanks to him, for providing the ressources.

Last but not least, I found a way to modify the menus on the fly, and at build time, e.g; removing the not Aqua HIG compliant extra "Quit" in all the menus. I think this change could be an open door to better Mac OpenOffice.org menus customization.

Of course, this is work in progress, and I'm thinking to a more deep and professionnal implementation, but we need feedback from our users, to implement proprely the thing.

To be continued ...

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jeudi, juillet 10, 2008

Import pdf for Aqua works

I wrote a french Howto for the installation of the pdfimport extension with the Aqua version of OpenOffice.org.

See Import PDF avec OpenOffice.org sous Mac OS X (French only)

Jus wondering: why isn't this extremely interesting feature integrated in the Bundle ?

An extension for that is not good, because a lot of users will simply ignore this is possible. :-/

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vendredi, juin 20, 2008

First signs of life of my Apple Remote .. in OpenOffice.org

After searching a bit how to implement Martin Kahr's code, to make Apple Remote work with OpenOffice.org, looks like I got something :

Menu button is seen as the value "8"
|<< is seen as "64"
>>| is seen as value "32"
- is seen as value "4"
+ as value "2"
|> || (play pause) as value "16"

Originaly, Martin did a complete reverse engineering of the thing, because the API was undocumented ( who is surprised ? ). We all expect to see apple publy something a day. Would be nice to replace some "magics" with something more academic ;-)

What is nice, is the 8 value (giving the FrontRow effect) is seen when you start the FrontRow and when you return in normal screen mode. Other point is all keys you hit when in front row mode are seen.

Seems crazy, but why not imagine we could use the FrontRow effect with OpenOffice.org ? I need to ask Martin Kahr, who gracefully accepted the integration (say adaptation, because there is some work yet) of his code into OpenOffice.org.

The trace (using gdb) :

2008-06-20 20:46:06.528 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:06.539 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:09.302 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:09.312 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:28.077 soffice.bin[11541] Button 64 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:28.087 soffice.bin[11541] Button 64 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:32.229 soffice.bin[11541] Button 32 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:32.239 soffice.bin[11541] Button 32 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:33.975 soffice.bin[11541] Button 4 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:34.142 soffice.bin[11541] Button 4 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:35.670 soffice.bin[11541] Button 2 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:35.760 soffice.bin[11541] Button 2 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:37.495 soffice.bin[11541] Button 16 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:37.505 soffice.bin[11541] Button 16 pressed down 0

As you can see, this is only the beginning, but this is very encouraging. Thanks a lot to Martin Kahr for his work.

Next steps will be associate the events with vcl events, simulate the keyboard access, read slideshow code .. and so on.

To be continued :-)

Important Links :

Martin Kahr website for Apple Remote

OpenOffice.org wiki page for Apple Remote implementation

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lundi, juin 09, 2008

Trip in California

Arrived on saturday in San Francisco, for my third WWDC. Nice meal with other frenchies the evening, and nice restaurants. As usual the first idea was to fight against the Jet lag, and I must admit I feel surprisingly well today.

Today, I visited Belmont (was my first caltrain travel). The Plisson Family, means Marion, Eleanor, Eglantine and of course Sebastien, was so kind to invite me. Nice town, nice meal, and nice trip the afternoon. I was extremely pleased to meet them, and I hope to be able to invite them at home in France.

Just back to the Hotel (very nice), I finally met Michael Sicotte. Wifi is ok too. Next step: retrieve Philipp Lohmann, probably sleeping (because just arrived today).

Got the badge, the bag (yet another bag...). I feel ready for the week: to be continued.

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mercredi, mai 21, 2008

Some news from the Macport

Silently, the Aqua port does contant steps forward. If nothing goes wrong, all the following changes should be integrated for 3.0

Last cws news :

- aquavcl07 is ready for QA :

Contributors : pl, hdu, fne

this cws aims to fix plenty of issues like:
- remap MOD1 / MOD3 (CTRL/CMD keys ) ,
- add some localized menu entries,
- implement setscreen number,
- additional keys,
- use the keyname provided by the system,
- differentiate between text input and non text input for key events,
- implement a better look for normal buttons,
- set resolution from current screen for windows and reference window screen for vdev,
- add key mapping for delete, do not save backgrounds on Mac,
- add dockmenu entries from quickstarter,
- implementation of native context menus for aqua,
- three layer office adaption,
- make link checkbox work,
- correctly shut down popup window,
- return correct selected item id,
- remove leading separator,
- fix shift-tab,
- do not trigger menu items twice,
- protect window event handlers against handler destroying the window,
- event propagation for native popup menus,
- switch off native menus for testtool

- aquabmpfix01 (approved, soon integrated) :

Contributors: hdu, mox

Improve a was a quite radical refactoring of large parts of the aqua drawing code. This cws (said Herbert Duerr) is much faster than the current version. Some fixes for cairo canvas have been commited.

Work in progress :

- aquavcl08 : misc aqua fixes

Contributors : cloph, pl, ericb, hdu ... (open list)

Several fixes like increase java VM version for Mac OSX on PowerPC, add some fixes for menus in Tiger, retrieve the Mac OS X version from the system and add constants for Mac OS X version detection, support multiple page format print jobs on Mac/Aqua, revamp setting the default menubar, do not dispatch additional cocoa events during printing, fix font descent and extleading calculation

- aqua11y02 : accessibility, second turn (bug fixes, some improvements)

Contributor : fne

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samedi, avril 19, 2008

Webdav and Aqua version

Webdav is an important demand, because people appreciate to work remotely on their documents.

This is e.g. true for Education world.

This is now (partially) possible using Aqua version of OpenOffice.org. The counterpart is you must use OpenOffice.org FilePicker, because the Aqua one has problems ( there is work in progress to fix that).

To help people interested to test this feature, I wrote a documentation, available in both english and french. Many thanks to Graham Perrin for the corrections in the english version, and Mathieu Lalanne for the server, who helped for the tests.

URL for download the Documentation is : Webdav documentation (both .pdf and .odt file formats)

Todo: make all possibilities work, including using the Aqua Filepicker

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dimanche, octobre 07, 2007

at least 2 by task ...

Thought about improving Mac OS X porting project

.... what about to start working differently ?


- before to consider any task is started, at least 2 people must be identified as working on it. No problem if one is a very good developer, and the second a poor one: work together, and share the knowledge.

- document the task: ask questions, note carefully the progression in the ideas, questions and answers how helped, and document the design ( no need to document the code when the design is given ... )

Note: current specs need some rework. We are not working for the NASA ;-)

- they are no dumb questions, and often simple questions help to solve important issues

Work this way will

- avoid Bus Factor effect

- create synergy between people, and valorize everybody

- improve the efficiency of the work

- free the code: documentation always helps. And we are working for a Free Software, aren't we ?

Doing that (please propose if you have better ideas), I bet new devs will join the OpenOffice.org project .. and maybe the Mac porting project ;-)

Let's try ?


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jeudi, août 30, 2007

Mac OS X port at Apple Expo 2007 (Paris)

Enable/Disable Native FilePicker in preferences

Author : Ben Bois ben at hooboo dot com

Mac OS X porting projet is proud to announce it will be present at Apple Expo Paris

Like last year, Frederic Vuillod, Manuel Naudin, Sophie Gautier and me will receive the visitors.

Other volunteers are expected, and I'll give more infos about the agenda soon if you want to meet us.

Skills needed:

- a very good OpenOffice.org software knowledge (including Mac OS X versions, both Aqua and X11 )
- a good knowledge about Mac OS X environment

If you are volunteer contact me directly: ericb at openoffice dot org

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vendredi, août 17, 2007

... Gorm ( .nib , part 2 )

Glad to have seen Robert Dargaud ( alias Bob) at home today afternoon. Bob suddenly disappeared the 28th november 2005 in the snow, when we came back from HH. I now have proofs he was not completely lost :)

Of course, we discussed a lot about the Aqua port, but not only.

The other very interesting point of discussion was about Renaissance I already presented and Gorm**.

Looks like we have tools to create correct ( but hell) ".nibs" using that.

Imagine, we parse some resource files, and transform them into .xml files. Then, we transform the .xml files into .nibs.

... I'm sure we can do something with that.

**I'd like to thank mm_w for his mail about Gorm too ;-)

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jeudi, juillet 26, 2007

Aqua port : Cocoa developers wanted

Enable/Disable Native FilePicker in preferences

Author : Ben Bois ben at hooboo dot com

I'll be soon on holidays for two weeks ( starting saturday 28th july ), but development never stops :

Since today, Philipp Lohmann started the Cocoa transition and ...

Mac OS X porting project needs Cocoa developers with objective C++ knowledge

Don't expect too much Fun yet : this is experimental work, and low level for now

The toy we will use to check everything is called vcldemo (binary built in vcl). The child workspace is aquavcl03.

Be carefull : it is synchronized with milestone 220, and we probably will wait a bit for a new resync ( or at least wait for m223 ).

Things are simple : build OpenOffice.org, and play with vcldemo. ( a basic .nib is needed )

Work in progress is about :

- make vcldemo build ( replace svdem )
- implement AquaSalFrame basics
- implement AquaSalGraphics basics
- implement Cocoa timers
- implement proper NSevents

Contact : IRC : server irc.freenode.net channel : #ooo_macport

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vendredi, juillet 20, 2007

Google SoC : Mac OS X Address Book

As reminder, the Mac OS X port had two applications during the Google Summer of Code. And one of them, the Mac OS X Address Book integration in OpenOffice.org, is work in very good progress : Omer Bar-or, mentored by Sebastien Plisson and Florian Heckl did a very good work !

I tested it recently, and so far, I was able to retrieve all the content of my Address Book on Mac OS X.

Sure, they are a lot of tests I didn't, and maybe I missed something (I'm a complete newbie with Databases), but what I have seen works already.

Google Summer of Code helps a lot OpenOffice.org project, and is a nice idea.

Note : I'll do some proposal soon to improve the candidates selection.

Thanks to Patrick Luby, from NeoOffice project, who contributed to the Mac OS X Address Book implementation on OpenOffice.org, fixing build breakers, and improving the code.

More informations :

Omer's blog : the first place to be read.

Wiki entry about Mac Address Book integration

The Mac Address Book on IssueZilla

Other concerned issues : 79510, 79512, 79513, 79514, 79766

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dimanche, juillet 15, 2007

Aqua version : first tests on Leopard preview

As ADC member, I was able to test the last Aqua version on Leopard preview.

It works correctly : just some refresh issues, but nothing really bad, and Philipp Lohmann did a great work, fixing the issues we had during the WWDC in apple Labs ( icons were drawn upside down with Funky colors in menus).

Two major issues :

- build is broken ( strange cpp issue )
- Java, not working (one more time)

Work in progress ...

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Japanese version of Aqua to be presented at Open Source Conference of Kyoto ( Japan )

Since the Aqua version of OpenOffice.org ( work in progress) is able to recognize Japanese fonts when they are in use ( for ex. when required by the Kotoeri input system) , Jean Christophe Helary, from OmegaT project, was so kind and proposed me to present a Japanese version of Aqua OpenOffice.org at Kyoto Japan 20 and 21th July.

This is extremely important to inform the Japanese community we are working to provide a working version for it, and show all the recent progress we did. This is mainly possible with Herbert duerr, Etsushi Kato and James Watson contributions.

Note : If I forgot somebody, please contact me and I'll rectify

During the conference, Jean-Christophe will hold two seminars to explain how to translate OpenOffice.org native file format (ODF) with OmegaT, while Mr Kamataki and the OpenOffice.org Japanese Native Lang Project will hold a seminar to show application development within OmegaT.

Thank you very much Jean-Christophe and Mr Kamataki !!

Want to help the Mac port ??

You can make donations at Cusoon ( paypal button)
Thanks to add a comment saying your donation is for Mac OS X porting project (we can provide receipts on demand )

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vendredi, juillet 13, 2007

Aqua Testtool

... now works and can run out of the box in command line.
Changes have been commited in aquavcl02 cws.

As you can see, even menus are native :)

Enable/Disable Native FilePicker in preferences

More tests are needed, but this is a very good tool to improve QA on Mac OS X.

People are welcome to help us : all people having a Mac can help ! (no code skill mandatory for QA )

Contacts :

Mailing list (subscribe is mandatory)


Server : irc.freenode.net
Channel #ooo_macport

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mardi, juillet 03, 2007

2nd Aqua Development Snapshot Released

The OpenOffice.org Mac Porting team are proud to announce the second development snapshot of the Aqua version of OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X

We propose Intel and PowerPC in 4 locales : english US, German, French and Japanese. (see below -> Get it )

Using Writerwith Aqua OpenOffice.org

What's new in this version ?

Printing now works, though it does not yet use an aqua print dialog
PDF export now works
Copy and Paste should now work fully
OpenOffice.org no longer crashes after quiting
Text and graphics are now drawn properly
Windows and dialogs mostly now have an Aqua theme
Native comboboxes and listboxes (work in progress)
Window background uses Aqua theme
Maths works
New Chart module included (since m214 resync)

For QA only : testtool can be hacked to work properly

Known Issues :

There are a number of things that do not work in this version, main are :

Drag and Drop ( work in progress)
Native FilePicker ( will be back soon, after complete integration)

Because of translation issue, Tango icons work only for en-US (but can be hacked for other)

Complète changelog

Get it :

Download page

Contribute :

To avoid duplicated issues, please read carefully the know issues, and file a new one if you found a bug (please add all usefull informations to reproduce it)

Issue List with aqua keyword

We need help :

Coders with C++ / Carbon / Cocoa skills are welcome

Donations ( via Paypal), or contact us

Contacts :

Mailing list (subscribe is mandatory)


Server : irc.freenode.net
Channel #ooo_macport

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lundi, juillet 02, 2007

Mac native port and aquavcl01 cws

Using Calc with Aqua OpenOffice.org

aquavcl01 cws is closed : means no more commit, and QA is in progress for integration.

This cws was created 2005-11-27, during 1st Mac porters meeting ( Hamburg 25th 27th November 2005 ), using milestone m137 as basis.

For the one not aware, milestone 137 was just after 2.0 output. With it, a complete native port of OpenOffice.org on Mac OS X has been created ( namely aqua part in vcl directory ).

Complete is not exact, because our work used an existing work in progress, with bases written some time -years- ago by Stephan Schaefer and Dan Williams ( e.g. Native Widget Framework, but not only )

The result :

Today, OpenOffice.org runs under Mac OS X, without the need to install X11 anymore, and the code will be -if nothing's going wrong- soon included in OpenOffice.org sources. This is work in progress, and a lot is remaining, but here we are.

Some figures of aquavcl01 cws now :

just about vcl (the main part) : 50 new files + all modifications in common part

20 developers contributed to the code : 16 developers contributed directly + 4 undirectly ( not the name in the commits, but they helped for code, Intel port ..etc

... around 1400 commits of code were necessary to reach the current state.

It does contain 58 issues in IssueZilla ( we started to file issues for aquavcl01 very lately ).

Note : we filed issues about it at the end only, to avoid prohibitive number of issues

... 22 modules are concerned and have been modified:

basebmp boost canvas desktop dtrans extensions fpicker framework freetype instsetoo_native
padmin psprint sal scp2 sfx2 sj2 solenv sot stlport svtools toolkit vcl

This cws has been successively resynchronized with milestones :

m163 / m172 / m177 / m181 / m182 / m184 / m187 /m192 / m195 / m196 / m200 / m202 / m208 / m211 / m215

For the one used to resync, they surely understand what it means ;-)

The Future :

aquavcl02 has been created, and today ( 2nd of July 2007 ), " aqua " keyword does concern 178 issues

Once Drag and drop will be implemented, we'll provide alpha version.

A second development snapshot is scheduled this week.
Stay tuned !

Using Draw with Aqua OpenOffice.org

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samedi, juin 23, 2007

Aqua snapshot, one month later

One month ago (already ! ), we proposed development snapshots of Aqua version of OpenOffice.org. What was the context ?

Provide a snapshot was proposed during one of our weekly IRC meetings. To be honest, I firstly was not hot, because we didn't reach alpha state at this time.

But, discussing with some developers, they considered we should show to the Mac users community we really were working on a native version, and what we had at this time. Just not use alpha was the common request.

A bad point was the native filepicker integration : I had to add a hack to add it in the build, because our integration process do not allow us to mix cws, and needs a lot of time and a complex process for code integration.

To proof what I say : it is still not the case today ( one month later .. ). If we are lucky, it will be possible in probably 2 weeks.

And we had to decide what put inside, including the filepicker. I wrote "we", because I didn't decide alone. Please do not believe the opposite.

And frankly, I don't see any reason to regret now : since, a lot of bugs have been fixed, simply because we had an incredible feeedback.

If unsure, please have a look at the current aqua issues list

Please, continue to provide us feedback, even using X11 version !!
(we use the same codebase for Aqua version)

As example, the list issues the Mac porter Team fixed since :

- Impress : animations work now (excepted sound)
- export pdf works now (some remaining issues with arabian locales maybe)
- copy paste works partially (text only )
- 2 instant crashes vanished since new saltimer implementation ( spellchecker and quit )
- native fonts et OpenOffice.org bundled fonts are now usable -> equations are now correctly displayed, since OpenSymbol is found
- start of native comboboxes (needs work)
- listboxes ( not complete)
- window background uses Aqua theme
- Calc works (white cell issue solved)
- Writer works ( text input ok, space issue ... etc)
- Maths works (excepted braces, to be discussed soon )
- new Chart module is now included (since m214 resync)

We can include in the build (at least I do) native FilePicker, including the possibility to choose OpenOffice.org native one (allows URLs entries like http:// .. )

For a more complete list of changes, please have a look at Aqua Changelog

Asap, we will provide another snapshot, and we are searching the best way for that (waiting, the most adventurous can try to build from sources, using our well known AquaBuild wiki page ( soon, we expect to reach 30,000 reads :-).

If you see something wrong, or not clear, or even not optimized, feel free to login, and fix it : that's exactly what did Johan Henselmans two days ago ! Thanks Johan :-)

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mercredi, juin 20, 2007

WWDC 07 Part 2

From WWDC07, the big marketing announce was "64 bits ready", and developers will pay the price of what Apple Marketing decided ...

Even if a lot of applications won't see any improvement, people will ask to have applications "64 bits ready", else nothing

Carbon won't be 64bits. At least the part of the API we use in current Aqua port. Indeed, current Aqua port of OpenOffice.org uses HIToolbox ( HITheme, Appearance ..etc). the main effort is concentrated into vcl module.

For salframe, we use Carbon WindowRef and a lot of Carbon things. About events, we use CarbonEvents, and because of the old model used by OpenOffice.org, we use WaitNextEvent() and all. A big issue was to find a way to use RunApplicationEventLoop(). We asked our RAEL() implementation to be expertised, and things looks ok, from Apple engineers point of view.

Some other parts will be 64 bits anyway (Carbon Events should be 64 bits without last minute change).

The immediate consequence is Mac OS X port must start to think Carbon replacement using Cocoa.

As good example, Damien started soem Cocoa cursors implementation. We'll document generously, as starting point. About something different, it's question of replace HIView using NSView too. We'll see.

But not now : Indeed, 64 bits Intel on Mac OS X port is a new port. It means we need to rewrite a new bridge, using Apple 64bits ABI for Intel procs, and a lot of changes like for Linux AMD64 port ... and we first will complete Aqua port ( without X11), and provide a working Mac application

Could be a 2 years or more plan.

Where in the code ?

- for everything graphical- probably for text ( using CoreText instead of ATSUI, but hard discussions are in progress, and nobody knows, e.g. since Core Text cannot yet do everything ATSUI does ... ). Why change from ATSUI : not well integrated with other frameworks, preformance is difficult to optimize, not available for 64 bits.
- new bridge
- co-lateral changes ( sal probably )
- svx
- framework maybe

Current Mac OS X port plan is :

1) Make it work first : provide a Mac application, not using X11, and having everything working.

Means :
1.1 integrate aquavcl01
1.2 integrate aquafilepicker01
+ see recent changelog

1.3) provide regular builds of Aqua version

1.4) start QA for aqua as soon as possible ( see FOSDEM presentation )

Yet missing in aquavcl01 :
- drag and drop ( Tino already started )
- native printing ( Yvan Barthelemy and Philipp Lohmann )
- native spellchecker ( nobody afaik )
- Mac Address Book ( Omer Bar Or + Florian Heckl )
- Aqua Look ( Ismael Merzaq , Eric Bachard )

Spotlight plugin integration is delayed, because of - Mox will confirm- legal issues. See : Violation of external policy for NeoLight source code

To be confirmed :
- complete Mac OS X shortcuts

Later :
- implement native sound player (using QTKit)
- Implement Image acquisition
- use the Mac OS X key chain for document signing
Problematic : ALT key , and accelerators (will be discussed during next meeting)

2) Start Cocoa implementation, using e.g. aquavcl02 cws

To help us, Pierre Chatelier, C++ and Cocoa expert, contacted me recently, to announce he translated his C++ -> Cocoa guide (english and french versions available) .

This is a very interesting document, and I'd suggest to all mac porters to discover it.

3) Redesign our UI

We had an appointment in User Interface labs, and we found a lot of issues with our interface.

- the wizard at first launch needs a lot of work
- we don't respect a lot of elementary rules a real Mac application should
- (a lot to be discussed)

-> Todo : invite UX people to debate a lot of issues. From last year, I remember John told me "a menu should propose what you need NOW", not a bunch of useless things, the user doesn't even understand the role.

-> 20% visible / 80% hidden (means for specialist )

-> from general to specific

Last but not least: not quit OpenOffice.org when closing the last window ...

Consequence : deep changes are probably mandatory in OpenOffice.org source code. Maybe this is the first time we ask to go as far ...

The good point is all ports will benefit such changes, not only the Mac port.

Some answers from WWDC to the questions about code :

1) Timers: Current code is obsolete, and compatibility with Leopard won't probably exist. Pavel wrote a patch using recent code ( see issue 75228).
Seems to work fine, excepted a thread issue (crash not easy to be reproduced, and I never could repoduce it btw)
Directly discussed the point with Philipp, who commited the code. Two instant crashes seems to have vanished since ( issues 77547 and 78129 )

2) Questions from pavel
Does Apple have a plan to enable UI drawing from threads different from the first one?
Does Apple have a plan to allow java to be run from other threads as well?
For both, the answer is no : what I have understood from Apple engineers is : they have to be in the main thread, because they are not thread safe, and things won't change because this is one Mac OS X foundation to work like that.

3) fix all our busy paint places
One more time discussed with Philipp : problems comes from Windows "model" we use to paint. Work in progress.

4) was HIThemeTabDrawInfo question ( or Ismael )
Version must be 1 ( old was 0 ).
Pb displaying the tabs : we have to ask in common part which tab is the first one, and which one is the last one, to paint borders properly.
Todo : add code in common part + implement
Other tip : use kHIThemeTabKindNormal only (other are not advised) [ possible cases are kHIThemeTabPositionFirst, kHIThemeTabPositionLast, kHIThemeTabPositionMiddle, kHIThemeTabPositionOnly ]

5) About XCode and dot in the binary name
Apple engineers confirmed this is a bug -> we have to file an issue

P.S. : they were very interested reading our wiki pages about XCode use.

6) I had a question about HIThemeScrollbarTrackDrawInfo, using ScrollbarInfo instead of HScrollbarInfo ( I need to retrieve ThumbREct in the srollbar).

Unfortunaly, this issue will never be fixed :-/

We forgot to ask about printing, but Philipp told me he had enough infos. I'll trust him :-)

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Mac OS X port, Carbon and 64bits Technology (before WWDC07 part 2)

Because Apple itself seems to confuse a lot of people, better start with official links instead of feed the Troll :)

1) Seen on Leopard Overview

"First implemented at the UNIX level in Tiger, Leopard brings complete 64-bit support to all of Mac OS X's (tm) application frameworks. Using either the Carbon or Cocoa frameworks, you can create applications that can address extremely large data sets, up to 128TB using the current Intel-based CPUs. The 64-bit model used in Mac OS X is known as LP64 and is the same model used by other 64-bit UNIX systems from Sun and SGI as well as 64-bit Linux."

2) Apple page about 64 bits Technology ( Marketing )

64 Bits Technology>

3) The "Best of" from Carbon-dev mailing list
( I'll contact Deric Horn, we met during WWDC with Philipp )

Best of Carbon-dev

Now we have enough informations to present part 2 (Technical part ) of WWDC 2007 report

To be continued ...

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lundi, juin 18, 2007

Back from WWDC 2007 / Part 1 : agenda

Still no bagages .. :-/

Back from WWDC 2007 ( San Francisco California ). Arrived on saturday night.

3 attendees represented Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org project : Sebastien Plisson, Philipp Lohmann, Eric Bachard

On sunday afternoon, I met Philipp and Sebastien for the first time.
We discussed a lot, and finally, we worked/discussed a bit ( 3 hours .. ) about the Mac port :-)

But I won't forgot to mention I was very pleased to meet Johann Henselmann for true. Unfortunaly, I was so tired I couldn't follow him and Sebastien in San Francisco nights :)

Of course, we met a lot of other people, and discussed a lot with them. More kind, I even installed the last version of Aqua OpenOffice.org on demand several times in the week.

The feedback we received from other people was very positive for the Mac port. Of course the first development snapshot was not perfect, but people encouraged us : this is true, an aqua version really exists, and works. More on part 2.

During the week, we had conferences, and Labs with Apple engineers. The hotel was nice (wifi for free !! ), and very close to the Moscone Center. Always nice to walk for attending.

The Agenda was :

Monday 11th June : Keynote (morning), and introduction conference.

Glad to see John Karmack for true. The other parts of the keynote were more "marketing" (IMHO)

The most important point of the day was : no 64 bits for Carbon. This means Carbon will probably be binary compatible for 10.5, and deprecated for 10.6. Waiting for more infos, I'll comment more in the part 2.

Mess wit Sebastien and Johann for the dinner. We tried to find a restaurant with Philipp, but was too late. Was hamburgers and fries ..

Tuesday 12th June : conferences for Sebastien, Philipp and me

Nothing too important in the confs. Dinner with frenchies, Sanraku Restaurant, 704 Sutter street (yes, the name is the good one ;-) )

Philipp tested Japanese food :-) Return to the hotel, tested some code for Window background. Sent the patch to Ismael for his Googl SoC.

Wednesday 13th June First Lab with John Geleynse postponed to Thursday afternoon. We decided to assist some confs, and later, continued to work for code with Philipp.

Restaurant with Johann, Sebastien and Philipp. Good wine.

Thursday 14th June

Because of the appointments, no confs : all the day on Labs.

first appointment : Deric Horn / David Mc Leod and another. 1h30 to ask questions and discuss.

After the lunch, we assisted some conf, and then prepared the second appointment, with John Geleynse.
Very constructive discussion, we learned a lot with John, about all the work we have to do before to reach Apple Software level of quality.

Dinner : was the bash. To avoid hours of buses, and spare time, the bash was not organized in Cuppertino, but close to the Moscone Center, in a park. Lot of music, noise and food. I met other frenchies ( Jacques Foucry , Dominique Baillon and Franck Lefevre).

We finally preferred Marriot bar ... more quiet before to return at the hotel.

Friday 15th June

Other labs, and questions XCode, thread issues and HI* issues.
Last appointment with Ernest Prabahkar, during the lunch (more easy for all).

Continued with weekly IRC meeting

Friday afternoon : annoying conferences + a bit tired -> at hotel at 5h30 pm

Saturday 16th June Time to return

Thanks to all the donators, Cusoon, OpenOffice.org project and Apple for the help we received to make it true, and Christian Hardy, Cusoon treasurer for all his time

To come : part 2, technical analyse about the benefit of WWDC for Mac OS X port.

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vendredi, juin 08, 2007

aquavcl01 resync'ed with m214 : the new chart is now included in aqua build :)

Herbert added a great change : the UI uses system fonts. Seems insightfull, but it is not !

See AquaBuild wiki pageif you want to build the aqua version.

Libellés : ,

WWDC 2007 will start on monday.

Philipp Lohmann, Sebastien Plisson and me will represent Mac OS X port for OpenOffice.org project.

See you !!

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lundi, juin 04, 2007

Aqua : development snapshot available for download

A development snapshot of native OpenOffice.org for Mac OS X is available, and can be freely tested (see below for download URL).

=> X11 is not needed anymore : just drop the OpenOffice.org icon whereever you want, click and go to test it.


- there is no support for this software, and you will use it at your own risks
- *Do* a backup of your data before you start using this software in order to prevent data loss and crashes that may occure


Drag and Drop does not work
Native controls are not yet fully implemented
Copy paste, Native printing do not work

Some crashes may occur quitting the application
Multi monitoring support is not yet implemented
Text entry in Writer does not work completelly
Other features and/or crashes can occur


For a complete list of issues see : Aqua Issues list

Thank you for providing feedback about issues and problems you encountered *AFTER* you've verified that they don't already exist.

Archives are available in 4 locales (fr, de, en-US et ja), for both Intel and PowerPC architectures.

URL (classical download )

URL (bittorrent )

(thanks to read carefully the filename to be downloaded)

Many thanks to all the Mac porters and contributers that made this release possible

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samedi, juin 02, 2007

Top 10 of issues : a big progress

I could not attend the last IRC meeting ( because I had to attend 24h of computing of Maubeuge) but I was pretty sure something important happened in the afternoon :

After lot of hours tracing, Herbert Duerr finally discovered why vcl build with debug enabled crashed : was a bad TARGET_CARBON check.
For more informations, see : issue 72248

Sometimes, they are a lot of hours spent to trace, search what could happen, hack boost ..etc, and the result, even not visible by end user, is really helpfull to the project.

Thanks Herbert !

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jeudi, mai 31, 2007

Aqua news

We now can retrieve values from preferences (thanks to Yvan Barthelemy to have seen the stupid typo who made me spend a lot of time .. ). For the curious, the patch

Philipp announced desktop and framework are added to aquavcl01. What does it mean ? Simply we will add preferences entry in system menu (and improve a bit introbitmap behaviour)

Other news : torrent ready (thanks to cloph), and upload of Aqua development snapshots scheduled. We will provide PowerPC / Intel in 4 locales : de, en-US, ja and fr.

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lundi, mai 14, 2007

Aqua : native printing implementation started

Yvan Barthelemy started native printing implementation for Aqua version of OpenOffice.org (without X11 )

Nothing works yet, this is just the first screenshot, but the Mac porting project is proud to show you the begining :-)

Enable/Disable Native FilePicker in preferences

More informations : Native Printing on the Wiki

Great job Yvan !!

Want to join the Mac OS X port ?

Contact : Mac porting mailing list
IRC : server irc.freenode.net
channels :
#ooo_macport (english) or
#fr.openoffice.org ( francophone channel )

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vendredi, mai 11, 2007

Aqua FilePicker and old FilePicker

Playing with the FilePicker, Florian Heckl implemented, I have enabled (thanks to Joerg Barfuth for the tip) the choice : enable / disable Aqua native FilePicker in Aqua OpenOffice.org preferences

Enable/Disable Native FilePicker in preferences

Just for the Fun, because add the choice will probably become useless for Mac users :

who will use the old one, once the Aqua one will work ? :-)

Fixed popups issue ( drawn under the main menubar and/or the Dock )

Started : clipping in salframe ( shapes clipping ) using CoreGraphics

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mercredi, mai 02, 2007

Mac OS X port officially supported by Sun !

This is a great day for the Mac OS X port and OpenOffice.org community.

While the Mac port was close to provide alpha version, Sun, the main OpenOffice.org contributor, surprisingly decided to officially support us, providing important resources :

2 Sun engineers will now work at full time for the Aqua port !

What is great :

- OpenOffice.org project will become more consistent : now, ALL main platforms are supported ( at least !! )

- the native port will accelerate significantly,

- both Sun devs and Community devs are glad to work together to achieve the final objective : provide a real Mac application

No doubt, the big winners will be the Mac users :-)

For the interested people, a special IRC meeting will be organized tomorrow Friday 4th of May ( see Mac port IRC meetings), to welcome the new devs, and make a point on the Mac OS X port

IZBot : dance !!

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dimanche, avril 29, 2007

Mac port and Google Summer of Code 2007

Two applications have been slotted :

Complete User Interface respecting Aqua Human Interface Guidelines

Objectives : complete/write the code to modify the look of the Aqua version of OpenOffice.org, to respect Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.

The work started -some times ago- using Stephan Schaefer and Dan Williams initial work on Native Widget Framework, but we very probably will complete using HIView and the HIFramework Sébastien recently implemented

Ismael Merzaq, the selected candidate for this application, is student in INSA Lyon ( France ) and does contribute to Mac OS X port since October 2006, with a lot of very good quality patches and code (fixes for bitmaps, recent window groups implementation, cursors , Core Graphics work.. etc) .

Last but not least, Ismael is Domain Developper for OpenOffice.org project. I'm glad to mentor such candidate.

The second application is the Mac OS X Address book integration in OpenOffice.org (both for Aqua and X11 versions)

Sébastien plisson will mentor the second candidate, and I'll present him shortly :

Omer Bar-or is student at Colorado College ( Colorado Springs, CO ) and joined recently the Team. He is currently discovering the project.

He will implement the Mac OS X Adress Book integration, and I'm sure Mac users will appreciate.

To know more about them, both candidates presented themselves during the 27th of April IRC meeting

The Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org is proud to welcome them and I'm impatient to see the result !

More infos : SoC 2007 for OpenOffice.org project

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dimanche, avril 15, 2007

AquaBuild wiki page visited 21,200 times !

For Mac OS X native port (means without X11), we document everything we do on the Wiki, mainly in Aqua Section

The most important number of access does concern AquaBuild page, hit 21,200 times already.

Welcome in the Top 20 of the most popular pages of the OpenOffice.org wiki ! (just behind X86-64 porting)

For the curious, or for developers interested to join us, current tasks in progress are Salframe page and HIView page

Any volunteer to help us for Native Printing and Drag and Drop ?

Mac OS X port needs developers ( C/C++ and Carbon knowledge appreciated) : join the Team !

Contact :
IRC : server irc.freenode.net channel : #ooo_macport
Mailing list (please subscribe) : mac@porting.openoffice.org

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samedi, mars 24, 2007

Aqua OpenOffice.org : new timeline

A new timeline for the Aqua port of OpenOffice.org has been discussed during our last weekly IRC meeting .

After a little clean up ( thanks to Shaun McDonald ) , this one will soon replace the previous one

This new timeline has been prepared using the changelog I try to maintain on my wiki page

More than never, we need help, and donations ( see Cusoon - Paypal button inside - ;) )

Thanks in advance !

Mac OS X port needs developpers with Carbon C/C++ knowledge :
Contact : IRC : server irc.freenode.net / channel #ooo_macport

Or see mac@porting mailing list

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samedi, mars 17, 2007

Mac OS X port and Google SoC 2007

Google Summer of Code 2007 is on !

This is a good way for good students to earn some money, contribute to Open Source projects, like the OpenOffice.org project, and sometimes .. more :)

The main objective of the Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org is to remove the dependancy of X11 and provide a real Mac application, with Aqua look and feel.

This year, we are proud to propose 3 different subjects.
See proposed subjects / 2007.

The candidate has to write the code corresponding to the choosen project.

Skills needed : People with a good knowledge of C/C++ and Apple Carbon API.

Are you a potential candidate and want to know more ?

join us on IRC : Server : irc.freenode.net Channel #ooo_macport

... present yourself on our dedicated mailing list
(please subscribe by sending a mail to " mac@porting.openoffice.org )

... and be welcome !

More infos about the native Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org :

Our wiki (everything Aqua)

Mac port Home

Mac port life ( IRC meetings )

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mercredi, mars 14, 2007

Mac OS X port

OpenOffice.org , an Apple ...

Native menu

Many thanks to Ben Bois ( ben-at-hooboo-dot-com ) our great designer !

Mac OS X port needs developpers with Carbon C/C++ knowledge :
Contact : IRC : server irc.freenode.net / channel #ooo_macport

Or see mac@porting mailing list

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lundi, mars 12, 2007

Mac port and WWDC 2007 : call for donations

The WWDC 2007 (San Francisco, Cal. ) is scheduled from 11 to 15 june 2007, and this event is extremely important for the Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org.

Last year, Mac OS X port could attend with help from :

- Archibald Horlitz from GRAVIS AG Germany,
- Team e.V.
- Cusoon.

Many thanks to them !

If you want to help us to attend, we accept donations.

Please use : CUSOON link , there is a Paypal button !
(don't forget to add this is for the Mac OS X port)

Thanks in advance !!

Contact : ericb at openoffice dot org
or IRC :
Server : irc.freenode.net
Channel : #fr.openoffice.org (in french ) or #ooo_macport ( english )

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mercredi, février 21, 2007

Did some tests wit combo/list boxes. Found a way to draw clean popups in them too. Text will need a lot of work : not centered .. etc

Invert() seems to work ( see screenshots ). Need more tests for SAL_INVERT_TRACKFRAME

Sébastien Plisson (alias plipli) works on fonts issues.

Native menu

More screenshots here

Mac OS X port needs developpers with Carbon C/C++ knowledge : join us !!

Contact :
IRC : server irc.freenode.net / channel #ooo_macport

Or see mac@porting mailing list

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