dimanche, avril 29, 2007

Mac port and Google Summer of Code 2007

Two applications have been slotted :

Complete User Interface respecting Aqua Human Interface Guidelines

Objectives : complete/write the code to modify the look of the Aqua version of OpenOffice.org, to respect Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.

The work started -some times ago- using Stephan Schaefer and Dan Williams initial work on Native Widget Framework, but we very probably will complete using HIView and the HIFramework Sébastien recently implemented

Ismael Merzaq, the selected candidate for this application, is student in INSA Lyon ( France ) and does contribute to Mac OS X port since October 2006, with a lot of very good quality patches and code (fixes for bitmaps, recent window groups implementation, cursors , Core Graphics work.. etc) .

Last but not least, Ismael is Domain Developper for OpenOffice.org project. I'm glad to mentor such candidate.

The second application is the Mac OS X Address book integration in OpenOffice.org (both for Aqua and X11 versions)

Sébastien plisson will mentor the second candidate, and I'll present him shortly :

Omer Bar-or is student at Colorado College ( Colorado Springs, CO ) and joined recently the Team. He is currently discovering the project.

He will implement the Mac OS X Adress Book integration, and I'm sure Mac users will appreciate.

To know more about them, both candidates presented themselves during the 27th of April IRC meeting

The Mac OS X port of OpenOffice.org is proud to welcome them and I'm impatient to see the result !

More infos : SoC 2007 for OpenOffice.org project

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