dimanche, août 17, 2008

Apple Remote in Impress : first try before more serious implementation

Just back from holidays, I found some times to hack the Apple Remote (the controller shipped with Apple machines).

After a week of learning the great Pierre Chatelier documentation (Objective C for C++ developers ), and Aaron Hillegass book " Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X", I finally found how to adapt Martin Kahr's code, to make the Apple remote work with OpenOffice.org.

Today, reading Apple documentation, I finally found a simple way to implement the basics of the thing. and it works :-)

What you currently can do is:

- start a presentation
- goto next / previous slide
- goto to last/first slide
- quit the presentation

The Impress window must be in front (the active window). Else, Front row menus works as usual.

Some other features are missing, and I hope to make them work asap.

For the curious, I do provide unofficial builds Intel only ( PowerPC on tuesday), for en-US , fr and de (upload in progress). Don't forget to do a backup of your files.

The URL for the download is Laurent Buisson site . Many thanks to him, for providing the ressources.

Last but not least, I found a way to modify the menus on the fly, and at build time, e.g; removing the not Aqua HIG compliant extra "Quit" in all the menus. I think this change could be an open door to better Mac OpenOffice.org menus customization.

Of course, this is work in progress, and I'm thinking to a more deep and professionnal implementation, but we need feedback from our users, to implement proprely the thing.

To be continued ...

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