mardi, septembre 25, 2007

We won MacGeneration Trophy 2007 !!

Great day for :-)

Two days ago, when I received the mail, I firstly was surprised to learn was nominated at MacGeneration Trophy 2007.

To be honest, until I read the list, I thought Christophe was kidding.


(some silence )

... and the result is: has been choosen as the best open source software, by the users, and won the MacGeneration Trophy 2007 !

Some photos, with Manuel Naudin, our expert, who helps us during Apple Expo.

Many thanks to the users, who voted for us, and MacGeneration who organized the Trophy.

Glad to attend Apple Expo Paris tomorrow :)

Don't forget Mac OS X port continues to need developers with C++ and Cocoa skills.

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or IRC: server , channel : #ooo_macport