lundi, juin 04, 2007

Aqua : development snapshot available for download

A development snapshot of native for Mac OS X is available, and can be freely tested (see below for download URL).

=> X11 is not needed anymore : just drop the icon whereever you want, click and go to test it.


- there is no support for this software, and you will use it at your own risks
- *Do* a backup of your data before you start using this software in order to prevent data loss and crashes that may occure


Drag and Drop does not work
Native controls are not yet fully implemented
Copy paste, Native printing do not work

Some crashes may occur quitting the application
Multi monitoring support is not yet implemented
Text entry in Writer does not work completelly
Other features and/or crashes can occur


For a complete list of issues see : Aqua Issues list

Thank you for providing feedback about issues and problems you encountered *AFTER* you've verified that they don't already exist.

Archives are available in 4 locales (fr, de, en-US et ja), for both Intel and PowerPC architectures.

URL (classical download )

URL (bittorrent )

(thanks to read carefully the filename to be downloaded)

Many thanks to all the Mac porters and contributers that made this release possible

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