lundi, juin 09, 2008

Trip in California

Arrived on saturday in San Francisco, for my third WWDC. Nice meal with other frenchies the evening, and nice restaurants. As usual the first idea was to fight against the Jet lag, and I must admit I feel surprisingly well today.

Today, I visited Belmont (was my first caltrain travel). The Plisson Family, means Marion, Eleanor, Eglantine and of course Sebastien, was so kind to invite me. Nice town, nice meal, and nice trip the afternoon. I was extremely pleased to meet them, and I hope to be able to invite them at home in France.

Just back to the Hotel (very nice), I finally met Michael Sicotte. Wifi is ok too. Next step: retrieve Philipp Lohmann, probably sleeping (because just arrived today).

Got the badge, the bag (yet another bag...). I feel ready for the week: to be continued.

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