jeudi, juin 26, 2008

Education Project at RMLL2008 (Mont de Marsan, France)

Education Project Logo Education Project will be represented at RMLL2008.

We'll be there from 2nd to 4th July, to present the Education Project, its mission, including the association we created as resource.

The Education Project will be explained, as Incubator Project in a presentation (french, sorry).

Nicolas Jeudy, Remi Boulle, Mathieu Lalanne and myself will be glad to welcome you.

See you :-)

Education Project on the wiki

=> If you are willing to present a projet, or drive a ClassRoom with us, please contact me.

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Logo

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mercredi, juin 25, 2008

The Becta report ...

Alexis Kaufmann wrote yet another incredibly good blog entry (sorry french link ), only him has the secret.

I forwarded the information, using EducOOo blog

The other option : read by yourself the content of the english -and original- version of the Becta report

Next ClassRoom: work on a cws

Education Project Logo

The next scheduled Education Project ClassRoom is on coming Saturday i.e 28th June.

It will be a bit different than usualy, because Rakesh Pandit and me will work on a cws (wae4binfilter01).

The idea is to discuss what has to be done, answer questions people around (if ever), et show the real work, what has to be done ..etc. Newcomers, curious are welcome.

We'll mainly discuss and present the cwstools, creating cws, resync , applying patches etc and other important basics.

Proposed Date: Saturday 28th of Jun 2008,
Hour: 11:00 ( Paris hour ) ~ 14:30 India hour
Mode: as IRC meeting.
Channel :

Education Project on the wiki

=> If you are willing to present a projet, or drive a ClassRoom with us, please contact me.

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Logo

mardi, juin 24, 2008

MBU is hiring ..

I know I shouldn't, but looks like Microsoft does not hesitate to invest money in Mac OS X port Of MS Office.

Hacky builds

Since DEV300_m15, the vanilla Aqua builds are crashy and unusable, and since even more, the Java doesn't work with the PowerPC version.

To avoid more complain from the users, and wait everything is integrated (very soon) in the base code, I did some hacked builds including the fixes and more, for the following locales : japanese, french, german and english-US builds

All builds above are available for both Intel and PowerPC.

Please do not use them in production, and backup your file. If you don't know what you do installing them, pleas edo not use them.

The URL for download is Laurent Buisson site

vendredi, juin 20, 2008

First signs of life of my Apple Remote .. in

After searching a bit how to implement Martin Kahr's code, to make Apple Remote work with, looks like I got something :

Menu button is seen as the value "8"
|<< is seen as "64"
>>| is seen as value "32"
- is seen as value "4"
+ as value "2"
|> || (play pause) as value "16"

Originaly, Martin did a complete reverse engineering of the thing, because the API was undocumented ( who is surprised ? ). We all expect to see apple publy something a day. Would be nice to replace some "magics" with something more academic ;-)

What is nice, is the 8 value (giving the FrontRow effect) is seen when you start the FrontRow and when you return in normal screen mode. Other point is all keys you hit when in front row mode are seen.

Seems crazy, but why not imagine we could use the FrontRow effect with ? I need to ask Martin Kahr, who gracefully accepted the integration (say adaptation, because there is some work yet) of his code into

The trace (using gdb) :

2008-06-20 20:46:06.528 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:06.539 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:09.302 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:09.312 soffice.bin[11541] Button 8 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:28.077 soffice.bin[11541] Button 64 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:28.087 soffice.bin[11541] Button 64 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:32.229 soffice.bin[11541] Button 32 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:32.239 soffice.bin[11541] Button 32 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:33.975 soffice.bin[11541] Button 4 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:34.142 soffice.bin[11541] Button 4 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:35.670 soffice.bin[11541] Button 2 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:35.760 soffice.bin[11541] Button 2 pressed down 0
2008-06-20 20:46:37.495 soffice.bin[11541] Button 16 pressed down 1
2008-06-20 20:46:37.505 soffice.bin[11541] Button 16 pressed down 0

As you can see, this is only the beginning, but this is very encouraging. Thanks a lot to Martin Kahr for his work.

Next steps will be associate the events with vcl events, simulate the keyboard access, read slideshow code .. and so on.

To be continued :-)

Important Links :

Martin Kahr website for Apple Remote wiki page for Apple Remote implementation

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vendredi, juin 13, 2008

Thursday (return day -1 )

Morning :

Early Jogging as usual. Brekfast at the hotel.

Two confs about Cocoa on Leopard. The second one was really great (lot of tips).
We worked on the Apple Remote implementation, and agreed about the code location with Philipp.
Michael proposed a relevant analyze of the expected behaviour. I have started a page on the wiki.

Lunch with the fidel Mac porters.

Afternoon: first, conf about Accessibility, then labs : QuickLook (I appreciate to see frenchies in the Team !)

Evening: Apple bash beside the Moscone center. Lot of noise food and beverages. Good occasion to meet more people.

Back from the meeting with Apple eng. about QuickLook

-> UTI org.openoffice.text to be added in the Info.plist (then .sxw thumbnail appears)
+ generate a .pdf instead of a .png should help. the problem is the size of the file would increase if we include .pdf inside.

The problem is still remaining: Apple plugin does interfere with our (naming convention differs), and works better than the one (that's sure when we use it with a command line).

Have thumbnails with a better resolution would help a lot.

Last but not least: I completed the first part of Apple Remote (see the link below), and I'll start to trace what happens when clicking on the buttons (need to be at home to check).

Todo: contact Martin Kahr to improve things, and understand more deeply how his code works.
Tomorrow : time to return. Plane scheduled at 3:30 pm. Was short.

Wiki page about Apple Remote

jeudi, juin 12, 2008

Some WWDC 2008 news

An accidental reboot of my machine, and all the notes I wrote have been lost. Rewriting everything from memory. Working together with Philipp Lohmann and Michael Sicotte every day.


morning : Keynote: was nothing for the mac, iPhone only.
We modified the roadmap together

afternoon : State of the Union, and new technologies for the Mac. Snow Leopard.

btw: aqua (my customized build) runs out of the box on Snow Leopard ;-)

Evening : dinner on the San Francisco pier with Michael and Philipp (dinner with Michael in China Town was sunday)


morning: confs. Not everything was interesting.

lunch : we met Douglas Davidson. Philipp asked a lot of questions. Me too ( Apple Remote undocumented API, accessibility, QuickLook ... )

afternoon : labs.

We asked mainly about Applescriptability of (Michael started a wiki page about that since). Thanks to Chris Pike, and James Dempsey who explained us a lot of things about accessibility. e.g. not use NSAccessibility, but create a dictionary instead. Fun moment of API documentation research with James.

Last, but not least, we had a great demo of speech recognition made by Kim Silvermann.

Nice afternooon.

evening: dinner with Johan Henselmann, Philipp Lohmann, and Michael Sicotte, Masson, near King Georges Hotel.


Jogging early in the morning, as every day.

Conferences with Michael and Philipp ( OpenGL was nice ). New languages features. What's new in Cocoa.

Evening : I worked on the Apple remote implementation, written initialy by Martin Kahr, and I forgot the dinner.

First part: make it build. Lot of warnings. Fixed.

No network at the Hotel.

To be continued.

lundi, juin 09, 2008


Reading Rakesh Pandit patches, I think we can start to fix warnings in binfilter. For that, I created wae4binfilter01 (planned state). The idea is to fix all the warnings we can, but progressively. Means other cws will follow.

What we need now, is to see SCA accepted for Rakesh (probably soon).

Nothing ... ( at the iPhone-WWDC )

One hour 15 the keynote started, and nothing interesting.

Only iPhone.

If you don't care about iPhone, well, I'd suggest you to forget the WWDC Keynote ;-)

Trip in California

Arrived on saturday in San Francisco, for my third WWDC. Nice meal with other frenchies the evening, and nice restaurants. As usual the first idea was to fight against the Jet lag, and I must admit I feel surprisingly well today.

Today, I visited Belmont (was my first caltrain travel). The Plisson Family, means Marion, Eleanor, Eglantine and of course Sebastien, was so kind to invite me. Nice town, nice meal, and nice trip the afternoon. I was extremely pleased to meet them, and I hope to be able to invite them at home in France.

Just back to the Hotel (very nice), I finally met Michael Sicotte. Wifi is ok too. Next step: retrieve Philipp Lohmann, probably sleeping (because just arrived today).

Got the badge, the bag (yet another bag...). I feel ready for the week: to be continued.

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jeudi, juin 05, 2008

ClassRoom : Framework Project part 1 (log available)

Education Project Logo

Yesterday, Education Project was proud to welcome Mathias Bauer, from Sun, who explained us the meaning of the Framework Project

Don't know for the other, but I must admit I didn't know this project at all, and what presented Mathias was extremely informative. The links provided during the ClassRoom are nice, and are big open doors to Framework spirit too.

As usual, the counterpart is, personal work is needed before to understand things. that's the reason why Mathias proposed to divide the ClassRoom in two parts. Means we'll try to continue on the mailing list, preparing questions, or whatever, and prepare a possible (to be confirmed) second part.

Thanks again to Mathias for his time, and the great ClassRoom he presented.

The log is THERE

=> If you are willing to present a projet, or drive a ClassRoom with us, please contact me.

Education Project on the wiki

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Logo

mardi, juin 03, 2008

Sort of game

Education Project Logo

Looking at binfilter log gives more than 3MB of warnings. That's the reason why, when I have time, I try to fix one or another.

The idea was to try to fix them with volunteers from Education Project. Fix warnings is a nice and sane practice. You must:

- build until binfilter (not so simple for beginners)
- build binfilter and create the log
- analize the warnings, and fix them on all archs (not that trivial sometimes)
- create a patch
- ask someone else to agree your changes
... and so on

Very pedagogical :) ... and not really dangerous because binfilter is close to be obsolete, and we could create a childworkspace for the fixes. Or not ... nobody cares in fact

If you want to play with us, I started with this patch (please tell me if some fixes are wrong, can be ), and you can join us on IRC, telling us what you want to fix. TODO : Maybe write a wiki page about that

Update: found a wiki page about that : Writing warning free code

Rakesh Pandit (from India), an Education Project supporter, enjoyed and already answered "present" ..

Education Project on the wiki

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Logo

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