mercredi, avril 08, 2009

Google SoC again ...

EducOOo Logo does not belong to the list this year again.

One told me someone from OOo was in charge of that, but after I asked one trusted people from Google, looks like did not apply.

I know Alexandro Colorado applied though, but I don't know what happened. (any further information welcome)

Now, if you click on "Projects by year" on the following link, you have the full story. Nothing in 2008, nothing in 2009.

I was mentor twice already, and anyway, I got a little chance to be one more time (FYI, there are other devs than Sun or other companies devs contributing to Ooo) . But this time will not be for Project directly. After I asked a trusted people from Google, it does appear Project did not apply. So it appears this is mostly the fault of Project (but I still do not understand what happened with Alexandro request).

So, what is the point ? Some times ago, I blogged *a lot* about sane ways to find new developers. One of them, the Education Project is searching to attract new devs, and has results. The Google Summer of Code is another one, ... and so on ... like the FOSDEM is another one too.

But I'm not discouraged, and I'll soon publish where we are with students projects.

Working on that, and more ...

Stay tuned ;-)

Update: After some private search, it appears that, applied seriously one time, even probably twice (I'm sure Alexandro did). So the problem is very probably Google. Something like -sort of- a private bash between Google and Sun. In short, it is impossible to know the exact reason, and the official -politicaly correct- version is "all projects cannot be selected"


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dimanche, mars 29, 2009

Feedback needed with Impress 3D OpenGL transitions on Mac OS X

With the recent changes Thorsten Behrens did (he fixed the bad color space with the cairo canvas helper), the 3D OpenGL transitions are now working correctly with on Mac OS X. Of course, there is probably some additional work before to consider the implementation as "ok", but at least people can test them.

For the adventurous, there is an archive available(Mac Intel only, you use it at your own risks) there (search for INTEL -> DEV300_m42_ogltrans4mac -> en-US)

Please read this mail for further information, and don't forget to provide feedback and/or file issues assigned to me if ever you find problems.

UPDATE : anybody interested to help me can have a look on the wiki page I created for the occasion.

=> Mac OS X Porting & OpenGL transitions with Impress

Last but not least, a big thank you to Mox Soini(cairo implementation), Radek Dulik (most of the OpenGL thing'ry on for Linux) and Thorsten Behrens(Impress Expert) for his help.

To be continued ... (I hope students working on new 3D transitions will be happy :) )

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jeudi, mars 19, 2009

Some news from Education Project

EducOOo Logo

This Saturday, The Education Project will be represented at Besancon (France), for the Libre en fete fest,

Frédéric Diaz, Nicolas Jeudy and myself will be glad to meet you. See you !!

Next week, I'll attend Les Rencontres de l'Orme , Marseille, France, 24th to 26th March, where we will work with Sesamath, and I'll present EducOOo, the current actions in progress, and how to join and contribute to the Education Project, or another Project, of course.

By the 25th evening, there will be a second event in Marseille, since I'm invited at the Equitable Cafe . I'm impatient to meet all these guys, who mostly work for non profit associations (like EducOOo), and silently contribute to Free software use.

Yet the same week, the 27th March exactly, I'll travel until Nantes to meet the students and the professor from Ecole Centrale Nantes, for the final presentation of the tasks the students did with us. Thanks to Morgan Magnin, their professor who has invited me.

In the list of the feature the students worked for, we have :
- colored pen
- change the pen size, shape and so on
- eraser
- keep the changes

For further information, see the Ecole Centrale Nantes dedicated wiki page and the screenshots there (french, sorry).

Once I'll have found more time, I'll say some words about the next events I'll attend. Will be InterTice and Solutions Linux, both in Paris, France

The bad thing in all of that, is I'll miss Sonny Piers, who is invited to present the Mozilla Project in my own school, means at UTBM. Too bad :-/ (I hope I'll meet him soon though)

But that's not all : more than 10 students recently applied for projects. The first one was Pierre Pasteau( from Epitech Paris), and since some times, there is an intensive work in progress. Recently 4 students from Seneca College applied for subjects we proposed. In particular, they will for on:

- imagine, and why not implement new 3D OpenGL transition(s) ( Jerry Tak-Wah-Pau);
- python26 migration in OOo sources ( Ladan Zahiroleslam;
- make Impress Master copyable (Bartosz Barcicki )
- Understand the Impress Application ( Wang Frederick)

Other students in the class may choose other projects through the one we propose (see the lists below).

As you can see, we have oriented several projects we proposed on Impress Improvement

Thorsten Behrens, Graphics and Impress expert, and whom I publically say one more time a big thank you, was so kind to be present very often on the channel. His skills are extremely helpfull for us, and the students appreciate him a lot.

It would be great to see other devs, from e.g. other OOo applications (Calc e.g. ) join the channel, and answer/help the students.

Here is the Fun with Open Source: everybody learns form each other, and all progress. I must admit, since I'm helping students, I did a lot of progress with OOo source code understanding.

If you want to know more, e.g. have a look at the list on the wiki:
- improve Impress only list
- the full list

To be continued ...

Education Project on the wiki blog (french)

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the EducOOo logo, dedicated to the Education Project

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mercredi, février 18, 2009

Bad user experience and old issues never fixed in OOo

In some places, there are inconsistent dialog boxes in Some of them have been shown by users since years, but never fixed, for -say- dark reasons.

We shouldn't underconsider such issues, because they are causing a slow acceptance of, and, more obvious, provide a bad user experience.

Just one example : Formula and Formula

Shortly, the problem with this issue, is when you want to customize the menus, and you want to add the possibility to insert a Math Formula, you got a twice "Formula" choice => confusing, and not good for user experience.

Worse: if we think more deeply, this is even a design issue.

But not everything is bad in this story : reading the issue content, some people proposed an intelligent compromise (developers time is precious), like replace Formula Formula with "Formula Math" and "Formula Calc". This proposal is a good compromise, because waiting the issue to be fixed for true (mandatory), the change will avoid confusion.

I'd like to understand why, instead of simply fix this temporarly (this does not avoid to concentrate on something better), we see systematical, and administrative obstruction. If we add the language barrier, we have the current situation ...

For further information, see issue 40747 , created : January 2005 !! ), duplicated in issue 99333.

I hope this will progress asap ...

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mardi, février 10, 2009

About the number of developers contributing to (again)

Back from FOSDEM (I'll write a word asap about it), I tried to see what happened in meantime, mainly what was committed in OOo tree.

If you remember my previous blog entry ( see this link ), I wrote it was very easy to retrieve the most recent information, and have the number of people who commited code in some cws, for Project.

The magic link was: server

Now it is no longer possible, because the stack of the recent commiters, including the sum, disappeared.

I ignore what happened, and who did that, but that's clearly a big regression for me, and yet another hidden information, who should be publicaly available.

Indeed, we now are in the situation where we:

- just see the (20 ?) most recent commits, nothing else
- have no idea on the number of contributors since we use svn
- cannot extract the exact content of a commit, and who did what in a cws (at least this is not as easy as it was using Bonsai, where we could even watch everything online).

I have contacted the owner of Maybe he will explain me some tip, or how to proceed, to retrieve the values, and maybe more.

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jeudi, février 05, 2009

Discovering OpenSolaris and OOo build on it :)

Working with Frank Schoenheit and Pierre Pasteau on the moz2seamonkey01 cws, we had no proof our changes are ok on Solaris. The best I could do was to install OpenSolaris on a AMD XP4000+ / 3BG of RAM machine. After some garbage (I'm discovering this strange OS), I finally understood how to install -sort of- development environment.

And after some little changes I'll commit soon, I was even able to build seamonkey.1.1.13 zipped archives on OpenSolaris :-)

No hack, just trying to fix issue after issue, and I'm done.

The wiki is down, but I created a new task for students: build OOo on OpenSolaris. I think this is a difficult task, and it worth a try and a serious effort. I contacted Christian Lins, who started the effort some times ago, but if you are interested or want to give me some advice, feel free to contact me :)

To be continued (after FOSDEM )

P.S. : the wiki is down, but I put some stuff there

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mardi, février 03, 2009

I'm going to the FOSDEM 2009

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I'm going to FOSDEM '09, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting. This will be my third participation ( see the previous one there : FOSDEM 2007 and FOSDEM 2008)

My contribution will be a little travel in source code, under a Workshop form. It is scheduled for Sunday, February 7, at 09:00 in the Developer Room AW1.105, and will give an overview of the Apple Remote feature I implemented on Mac OS X, and some other changes, like removing some menu entries, or even how I did the Impress 3D transitions using OpenGL (if time allows). The workshop will mostly be Mac OS X oriented, but the content will interested all ports. The idea is to explain the logical behind the changes, and to show how things are organized.

Last but not least, I'd be glad to meet all of you !

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