jeudi, juin 12, 2008

Some WWDC 2008 news

An accidental reboot of my machine, and all the notes I wrote have been lost. Rewriting everything from memory. Working together with Philipp Lohmann and Michael Sicotte every day.


morning : Keynote: was nothing for the mac, iPhone only.
We modified the roadmap together

afternoon : State of the Union, and new technologies for the Mac. Snow Leopard.

btw: aqua (my customized build) runs out of the box on Snow Leopard ;-)

Evening : dinner on the San Francisco pier with Michael and Philipp (dinner with Michael in China Town was sunday)


morning: confs. Not everything was interesting.

lunch : we met Douglas Davidson. Philipp asked a lot of questions. Me too ( Apple Remote undocumented API, accessibility, QuickLook ... )

afternoon : labs.

We asked mainly about Applescriptability of (Michael started a wiki page about that since). Thanks to Chris Pike, and James Dempsey who explained us a lot of things about accessibility. e.g. not use NSAccessibility, but create a dictionary instead. Fun moment of API documentation research with James.

Last, but not least, we had a great demo of speech recognition made by Kim Silvermann.

Nice afternooon.

evening: dinner with Johan Henselmann, Philipp Lohmann, and Michael Sicotte, Masson, near King Georges Hotel.


Jogging early in the morning, as every day.

Conferences with Michael and Philipp ( OpenGL was nice ). New languages features. What's new in Cocoa.

Evening : I worked on the Apple remote implementation, written initialy by Martin Kahr, and I forgot the dinner.

First part: make it build. Lot of warnings. Fixed.

No network at the Hotel.

To be continued.