jeudi, juin 05, 2008

ClassRoom : Framework Project part 1 (log available)

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Yesterday, Education Project was proud to welcome Mathias Bauer, from Sun, who explained us the meaning of the Framework Project

Don't know for the other, but I must admit I didn't know this project at all, and what presented Mathias was extremely informative. The links provided during the ClassRoom are nice, and are big open doors to Framework spirit too.

As usual, the counterpart is, personal work is needed before to understand things. that's the reason why Mathias proposed to divide the ClassRoom in two parts. Means we'll try to continue on the mailing list, preparing questions, or whatever, and prepare a possible (to be confirmed) second part.

Thanks again to Mathias for his time, and the great ClassRoom he presented.

The log is THERE

=> If you are willing to present a projet, or drive a ClassRoom with us, please contact me.

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Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Logo