dimanche, avril 22, 2007

Saturday trip

Charles invited us to a walk , in Dampierre s/ Linotte, somewhere in French County (English link )

The walk ( 12 km for me ) was organized by the association Association Franc Comtoise du Chemin de Compostelle, dedicated, as the name explains, to the Saint James route of Santiago de Compostela in French county :)

Anne, Solène ( 7 ) and Tom ( 8 1/2) did 6 km

After the trip and the Saint James cake at arrival, we have seen a movie from Serge, who did it, from Mandrevillard to Santiago de Compostella .. with "Calin", a donkey !

Last, a trio ( violin, alto , cello ) played some Ragtimes and more "classical" music.

More things are simple, and better they are.

Very nice day

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