jeudi, mars 19, 2009

Some news from Education Project

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This Saturday, The Education Project will be represented at Besancon (France), for the Libre en fete fest,

Frédéric Diaz, Nicolas Jeudy and myself will be glad to meet you. See you !!

Next week, I'll attend Les Rencontres de l'Orme , Marseille, France, 24th to 26th March, where we will work with Sesamath, and I'll present EducOOo, the current actions in progress, and how to join and contribute to the Education Project, or another Project, of course.

By the 25th evening, there will be a second event in Marseille, since I'm invited at the Equitable Cafe . I'm impatient to meet all these guys, who mostly work for non profit associations (like EducOOo), and silently contribute to Free software use.

Yet the same week, the 27th March exactly, I'll travel until Nantes to meet the students and the professor from Ecole Centrale Nantes, for the final presentation of the tasks the students did with us. Thanks to Morgan Magnin, their professor who has invited me.

In the list of the feature the students worked for, we have :
- colored pen
- change the pen size, shape and so on
- eraser
- keep the changes

For further information, see the Ecole Centrale Nantes dedicated wiki page and the screenshots there (french, sorry).

Once I'll have found more time, I'll say some words about the next events I'll attend. Will be InterTice and Solutions Linux, both in Paris, France

The bad thing in all of that, is I'll miss Sonny Piers, who is invited to present the Mozilla Project in my own school, means at UTBM. Too bad :-/ (I hope I'll meet him soon though)

But that's not all : more than 10 students recently applied for projects. The first one was Pierre Pasteau( from Epitech Paris), and since some times, there is an intensive work in progress. Recently 4 students from Seneca College applied for subjects we proposed. In particular, they will for on:

- imagine, and why not implement new 3D OpenGL transition(s) ( Jerry Tak-Wah-Pau);
- python26 migration in OOo sources ( Ladan Zahiroleslam;
- make Impress Master copyable (Bartosz Barcicki )
- Understand the Impress Application ( Wang Frederick)

Other students in the class may choose other projects through the one we propose (see the lists below).

As you can see, we have oriented several projects we proposed on Impress Improvement

Thorsten Behrens, Graphics and Impress expert, and whom I publically say one more time a big thank you, was so kind to be present very often on the channel. His skills are extremely helpfull for us, and the students appreciate him a lot.

It would be great to see other devs, from e.g. other OOo applications (Calc e.g. ) join the channel, and answer/help the students.

Here is the Fun with Open Source: everybody learns form each other, and all progress. I must admit, since I'm helping students, I did a lot of progress with OOo source code understanding.

If you want to know more, e.g. have a look at the list on the wiki:
- improve Impress only list
- the full list

To be continued ...

Education Project on the wiki blog (french)

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the EducOOo logo, dedicated to the Education Project

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