mardi, février 10, 2009

About the number of developers contributing to (again)

Back from FOSDEM (I'll write a word asap about it), I tried to see what happened in meantime, mainly what was committed in OOo tree.

If you remember my previous blog entry ( see this link ), I wrote it was very easy to retrieve the most recent information, and have the number of people who commited code in some cws, for Project.

The magic link was: server

Now it is no longer possible, because the stack of the recent commiters, including the sum, disappeared.

I ignore what happened, and who did that, but that's clearly a big regression for me, and yet another hidden information, who should be publicaly available.

Indeed, we now are in the situation where we:

- just see the (20 ?) most recent commits, nothing else
- have no idea on the number of contributors since we use svn
- cannot extract the exact content of a commit, and who did what in a cws (at least this is not as easy as it was using Bonsai, where we could even watch everything online).

I have contacted the owner of Maybe he will explain me some tip, or how to proceed, to retrieve the values, and maybe more.

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