samedi, novembre 14, 2009

OOo4Kids.activity.xo is available !

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On XO machines, when using Sugar, an application must respect some criterias, to appear listed as activity. We had in the scope to provide OOo4Kids as activity on Sugar.

...and the first step is done !!

Until yesterday evening (late in the night), Thomas Fontenay and me, worked hard to fix a silly issue we had with the first .xo archive of OOo4Kids. In fact, symlink are prohibited in the activity tree, and we had to modify it. + we had to include the changes in the OOo4Kids build process, similar to the one.

For the moment, we only provide en-US, but other locales are possible, like italien, spanish, french, german, and portuguese.

The lucky XO owners can download the archive there

Next steps :

* improve the set, and make its build more robust
* improve performance (simplify, simplify, remove dead code .. )
* work on the Journal implementation
* Study the sharing mechanism, like allow several children to work on the same document, though the network
* improve the python support
As you can see, there is place for a lot of students applications !!

Last but not least, I repeat my thank you to Thomas Fontenay, Abdelkader Belabbes, students at Epitch Paris for their good work.

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