dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

OOo4Kids - recent news

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OOoCon 2009
Alexandro Colorado will replace me during OOoCon 2009, both for the Education Project presentation and OOo4Kids presentation. Thanks to him!

(what follows is extracted from the changelogs)

30th October - me
* Replaced 82 Sun copyrighted icons in default_images ( 16, 24, 32 and 48 pixels), with the one Ben Bois provided in Applications and Documents icons page. This is achieved using a shell script, and this script will probably help to replace other icons, progressively.

Thanks to Stephan Bergmann who provided Thomas, Abdelkader and me important information for the OOo4Kids sugarization, mostly what do to cleanly modify the OOo4Kids tree, to match with Sugar specs.

(less recent, but so glad to see when other devs contribute :) )
26th October - Thomas Fontenay
First step done for the Sugarization of OOo4Kids: setting additional X window properties for Sugar
* New sources file SugarProperties.cxx in vcl/unx/source/window/
* New header file sugarxproperties.hxx in vcl/unx/inc
* Modified configure.in and set_soenv.in. configure now supports --with-xo-intel=yes (specified for a XO build).
* Many files modified, calling the new function SetSugarXProperties(Display*, window)

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