lundi, décembre 29, 2008

About the (real) number of developers contributing to source code

Since we switched to svn this is really easy to obtain the number of regular OOo contributors. Means for source code, not for anything else.

Before, the best resource we had was Bonsai. e.g. you can easely retrieve all the contributions of someone, or the exact content of a cws. Just fill in correctly the right fields and all the information concerning the commit before svn appear. Sort of "memory of OOo" :-)

Now, just look at : CIA vc and you're done.

.. and the result is: the current number of nicks is 77 known people (at least one commit ... ) who wrote code for the last two months ... and not 200 like I read on some blog :-/

As example, the Education Project attracted 4 new developers*** (able to create their own cws's and commit). Of course, they still need to learn a lot, and the next steps are : how to integrate code.

***Not that bad ;-) (I'll wrote more about that very soon)

Last, there is a remaining issue : I still don't know how to make appear all the changes people commited in a given cws, and more annoying, how to read just every diffs, like Bonsai allows us to do (please contact me if I missed something about that :) ). Of course, I can extract all the changes in a given cws, and navigate in te cws tree ( using this link, but that's not the most efficient (imho).

I'm confident, there is probably a tool in preparation. Crossing the Fingers ;-)


About the coming month, we expect to see 6 new students from Ecole Centrale Nantes ( look at Improve the OOo Impress), and 3 students from UTBM, working on the OpenGL transitions. No information from Seneca College, and students from this school, joining the project.

To be continued :)


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