mardi, octobre 07, 2008 Education Project invited at FSOSS 2008 ( Toronto, Canada)

... and Ben Bois created yet another pretty logo ! (please look carefully the details)

Golden Gate Bridge

I was very surprised when one proposed me ...

As a simple volunteer, even not a professional, I must admit, I'm proud and honored to represent the project at such an event like the FSOSS 2008 ( Toronto, Canada).

Many many thanks to Frank Hecker, from the staff of the Mozilla Foundation, for the invitation, and the help he provided for attending.

I'm impatient to meet for true Fardad, David, Chris, all professors at Seneca College, Rose Saliba, and all the one I only know the (nick) name on the IRC channel, and to meet all these students who are learning Open Source.

The idea is to propose the students an application based on a real bug, or missing feature, and write code for Thus, simply find new developers.

My presentation will describe an European point of view of our experience, explain what works, what does not, what could be done, and how we could work together. In one word, propose some tracks to cooperate and improve what already exists with the Open Source Community.

Off : David told me he's using a Mac, and we already have nice ideas for students interested to contribute for the Mac port ;-)

To be continued ...

Education Project on the wiki blog (french)

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the Education Project Logo

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