lundi, octobre 27, 2008

FSOSS 2008 : Friday

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After discovering Toronto and FSOSS 2008 : Thursday ,here is what I did during the second day of the event.

We arrived ( Fardad and me ) around 9:00 at Seneca, and I took my time to attend. The first presentation was Enabling Healthy Open Source Communities: Case study -- Thunderbird, where David Eaves (Negotiation Expert) and Dave Mosedale(CTO, Mozilla Messaging) presented the Thunderbird community, in sort of an interview made by David Eaves. Lot of relevant remarks, but better look at the videos for all the jokes inside :)

Next was the Mozilla and Mobile, with Stuart Parmenter, from Mozilla developers Team. I don't have any cell phone, and it was a discovery for me. AFAIK, there is nothing at all for mobiles in, and I'm afraid is far from such features. If ever Apple modifies it's NDA for true, maybe I'll try to play a day with the iPhone SDK, but after a noisy announce, nothing is still clear, and better wait.

Last presentation of the monring was JohnMaddog Hall (Executive Director of Linux International, CTO of Koolu ), who presented the Open Telephony. Indeed, we use to forget what can be free, and how things are less and less free every day. Quite interesting.

The afternoon started with something abt more boring: I didn't understand anything at the first presentation, so I prefer not say more about it :)

To make a break, we worked with Fardad on the configure thing, and the download of OOo sources through svn. Lucky man with a brand new Macbook pro :-)

Last conf was impressive: Greg de Koenigsberg (Community Development Manager, Red Hat Inc. ) is really a nice communicator: no need to slide, just everything in mind, and energy, a lot of energy. the figures about number of contributors / efficiency and bugs was interesting. It was question of the interaction between Fedora and Red Hat, and how to improve the community. I can only applaude he explained, that if things are discussed behind the doors, contributors go away.

But that's not the end : I was lucky to meet Catherine Leung (Professor at Seneca College) at the speakers dinner, and she promised me to make a demo of JavaScript 3D. She did : nice demo, and very promising stuff.

Last, I'd like to give two awards to Mark Surman (Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation) for his energy and creativity (always brainstorming everything :) ), and David Crow - Web Evangelist, from Microsoft Canada (yes Microsoft) for his humour.

End of the conf, but not th end of the day: Fardad and his wife, invited me at the restaurant, and it was fantastic. Was very good, and I sincirely expect to return, and invite my hosts this time.

Back at hotel around 22:00 (maybe 23:00 , I don't remember exactly :-)

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