mardi, mars 18, 2008

WWDC 2008 Call for donation

WWDC 2008 is an extremely important event for Mac OS X developers. It takes place from 9. until 13. of June in Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Mac OS X porting project received help, and developers will attend.

Golden Gate Bridge

Photo: Simon Lopez, 2006

If you want to help the Mac OS X porting Team, you can donate.

OOo D. e.V. is willing to coordinate donations for Mac Porting on their account. Important thing is that the money is explicitly dedicated to "MacPorting" - not more (no "travel money" or "For WWDC" or something else).

So anybody has to write explicitly "For MacPorting" on the Money transfer form or we will not get it.

German donators even can get a "Spendenbescheinigung" so they must not pay taxes on the amount donated.

Account information:
Recipient: Deutschland e.V.
Bank: Sparkasse Rhein-Haardt
For transfers from Germany:
BLZ: 546 512 40
Kto-Nr: 96 09 71
For international transfers:
IBAN: DE18 5465 1240 0000 9609 71

On this page there is also a PayPal-Button for donations - then "Article" has to be "MacPorting".

Other nice photos, all from WWDC 2006, by courtesy of Simon Lopez.

Market street, direction of Bay Bridge

Extremity of Market Street, close to Bay Bridge

Market street, direction of Bay Bridge

Visual Basic Square ( place name to be verified ;-) )

For any photos use, please contact Simon Lopez