mardi, février 19, 2008

See you in Bruxelles :)

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting

Like other volunteers, I'll attend (second time for me), the FOSDEM 2008.

I'll do my best to present a workshop about "Hack" for people having programming skills and discovering the project. The workshop will be made on Mac OS X, using the aqua version.

Don't forget I'll represent the Education Project, and I'll be glad to -try to- answer questions.

e.g. skilled students interested to contribute for source code, are welcome to contact me. The idea is to propose applications with Schools (for a peer student /prof) around source code and issues.

As example, see: Math baseline alignement

For other possible applications, see : Education Project Effort

P.S. for french people living in French County: I'm using my car to attend, and if you are on the way, we can share the travel. ( departure : friday morning, return sunday evening )

just contact me ..