lundi, décembre 04, 2006

2nd Mac Porters Meeting (Sunday)

Sunday minutes

Present :

Oliver Braun
Kai Backmann
Shaun McDonald
Joerg Sievers
Pavel Janik
Stephan Schaefer
Florian Heckl
Martin Kretzschmar
Eric Bachard
Tino Rachui
Mathias Müeller Prove (arrived the afternoon)

10:00 - 12:00 Hacking

- [done] Verify XCode debugging steps ( Tino ). Needs more examples
- more on XCode debugging, tests using soffice_bin as new binary name ( XCode looks to not accept binary containing " . " in the filename )

12:00 - 13:00 ALL

Define and assign work areas

Most urgent Work Areas for Aqua port Assigned to :

1) instset packaging : Oliver Braun
2) Font handling : Florian Heckl
3) Keyboard Input : Pavel Janik
4) Windows handling : Tino Rachui
5) Bitmap ( missing methods ) : non assigned yet, but CL is the one to contact ( add Ismael Merzaq ? )
6) Implement missing AquaSalGraphics methods: some students project ?
Todo : look in SalpGraphics class for every method, and see what is still missing and to be implemented

Less urgent part

FilePicker Florian Heckl ( to be reassigned later )
Controls Eric Bachard
Menus Pavel Janik

Non assigned : Drag and Drop

14:00 -14:30 Joerg Sievers

- testtool
- how configure Mac OS X testtool
- tests :

Note: the order of the tests in the list is defined by decreasing priority, and dependancies.

e. g. one test is supposed fail if a previous in the list already failed (no need to continue)

When proceed which test ?
For every build, minimal tests to proceed every time : first.bas / topten.bas
On every main build :
framework update wizards serie of tests

The need of use a tool easy to use, for test results reading.

Next : test will need 6 minutes (instead of 11 currently) on a normal machine ( using API instead, Open dialog (just tested at the begining )

*New* : christmas testtool to come :-)

14:30 - 15:00 Oliver Braun

Language pack : to be discussed. Maybe ask the user what they do prefer for language pack installation ( mail on mac@porting + issue to collect opinion and suggestions )

tree modification : mainly for aqua.
problem with javaldx : will it work or not with new tree (move everything from program one level higher,
and create a symlink between program and MacOS directories.

To do : fis libsalsystool load on aqua version, to correctly find de locale ( and make wizards work ).

Currently, there is an issue open, because missing library are searched in / instead of current dir.

13:00 - 14:00 Pavel Janik

More Mac OSX specific debugging tools ( otool, ltrace leaks )

Note : due to a monstruous pizzas arrival, this workshop was postponed, and will be proposed during a next IRC meeting.

14:00 - 15:00 ALL


Build on Mac OS X is not an adventure anymore, both for X11 and native version

A lot of work has been made since last year, but a lot has yet to be done.

Provide an Aqua version of will need a lot of work

We have a todo list, with well identified tasks.

See Stephan Shaefer's document

Note: not the last version. A more recent version will be uploaded asap. ( .odt version is available in the same dir, same URL)

The needed time to provide an aqua version for testing purpose depends on the resources

New task : concentrate on debug and progress with understanding

IMPORTANT : Continue to write documentation on the wiki, but improve the presentation (sometimes chaotic )

Create wiki entry for debug part, using a pretty presentation, and easy to use

One key entry bug has been fixed
XCode can now be used to debug

Controls: code has to be partially rewritten, to match more with Windows /Linux implementation

We need more resources : hardware, and people with high level knowledge, (mainly specialized in font and graphics design ).

End for me, time to return :-/

Minutes completed in Brussels Airport, waiting for the plane.