lundi, août 31, 2009

3 XO's for OOo4Kids and the Education Project

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This blog entry aims to say thank you the the OLPC / Sugar project.

Indeed, some time ago, Thomas Fontenay and Abdelkader Bellabes applied for the OLPC Contributor Program, and we recently had to defend our project (I was invited too on the IRC channel), to explain what we aim to do, our plan, and so on.

To complete the project description, Pierre Pasteau, and Julien Ballet (Labfree) are our contacts at Epitech.

The result is, Abdelkader and Thomas will receive 3 machines : 2 XO's and one XO 1.5 (next XO generation) early september. The plan is to sugarize OOo4Kids, and help to improve performance. Last, in the case the code is good enough, we'll ask for backporting it in

Another good news: Bastien Guerry, from OLPC-France, has been designed as contact and mentor, and we'll work together on this project. The idea is to connect both the OLPC project people, and the one, and see what this synergy can bring.

A presentation, where we'll invite other students, will be scheduled at Epitech Paris (organized by the Labfree) somewhere in October 2009.

Next step for the students will be to propose a planning, and start tasks based on the most important performance issues has. Things will be very progressive, and we'll start firstly with what is concerned (which part of the code), what it the associated tool to be used, and how to proceed to verify what happens. e.g. at cold startup, and so on.

If you want to follow the progress, and what they exactly do, everything is on the wiki.

Education Project on the wiki blog (french)

OOo4Kids Project

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the EducOOo logo, dedicated to the Education Project

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