samedi, janvier 27, 2007 Aqua : Top 10 of issues to be fixed before public release

During 19th January meeting it was proposed the Top 10 of issues before public release.

Means, once fixed those 10 issues, a public version of for Mac OS X, running natively, without X11, will be available for download.

It's obviously not question of a final version, but a testable version, not for production.
Some parts may be missing, or not work, but will constitute a first step in the direction of native for Mac OS X, not using X11.

All the mentionned issues are important issues, and will need some time before to be fixed.

The rule : more we receive help, less you will wait before to test

How help us ?

You can :

- contribute to the code
- send us money, to buy hardware and help us for for travels, events
( see Cusoon link, there is a paypal button )
- build Aqua version : checkout the code, build it, do debug and return us patches, fixes

Other ways :

- do QA for localized versions
- translate documentation,
- contribute to wiki
- test ( don't forget that test X11 version helps us a lot )

Which issues are concerned ?

We created a special keyword in database for that : aqua
To know more, go here ... the list should appear, with current status (new/started/fixed ..etc).

Once all 10 issues fixed, we will provide a build.

Want to join the Mac OS X port ?

Contact :
mac at porting mailing list
IRC : server
channels :
#ooo_macport (english) or ( francophone channel )