dimanche, septembre 24, 2006

Mac porting project needs developers

Yes, we need help : we have a lot to do, and are not enough, mainly for code writing. Since we document everything, coders should be able to help more easely. See links below.

Give us a face :
First, you can see us, at least our photos*** :-)

Meet us :
using mailing list : mac@porting.openoffice.org
using IRC : irc.freenode.net channel : #ooo_macport (english) or fr.openoffice.org ( french)

Understand what we are doing :
To answer the questions new developers can ask, I'd suggest to read the documentation we provide :
What is Mac porting? Mac porting intro
Is mac porting dynamic ? Just have a look at important Mac port news in the past : Mac porting important news
Our Todo list : Work in progress / Todo
Want to build native version ? => see AquaBuild
All Porting/Mac OS X/Aqua topics on the wiki : Everything Mac porting
Last Mac porting Meetings : Mac Meetings

WHO is concerned ?

Skills needed : coders with C/C++ and good Carbon API knowledges. Design skills are very welcome too.

And if you found something wrong/not precise, please tell us !

Current native version (development version) using native scrollbars :

Native menu

***for the one who yet didn't provide a photo, please send it to Shaun asap

Contact: ericb at openoffice dot org