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Public Member Functions

 Twain ()
 ~Twain ()
bool SelectSource (ScannerManager &rMgr)
bool PerformTransfer (ScannerManager &rMgr, const uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener > &rxListener)
TwainState GetState () const

Private Member Functions

 DECL_LINK (ImpNotifyHdl, ImpTwain *)

Private Attributes

uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener > mxListener
uno::Reference< scanner::XScannerManager > mxMgr
const ScannerManagermpCurMgr
TwainState meState

Detailed Description

Definition at line 781 of file scanwin.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Twain::Twain (  ) 

Definition at line 804 of file scanwin.cxx.

Twain::~Twain (  ) 

Definition at line 813 of file scanwin.cxx.

References ImpTwain::Destroy(), and mpImpTwain.

Member Function Documentation

Twain::DECL_LINK ( ImpNotifyHdl  ,
) [private]

bool Twain::SelectSource ( ScannerManager rMgr  ) 

Definition at line 821 of file scanwin.cxx.

References meState, mpCurMgr, mpImpTwain, mxMgr, and TWAIN_STATE_NONE.

bool Twain::PerformTransfer ( ScannerManager rMgr,
const uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener > &  rxListener 

Definition at line 843 of file scanwin.cxx.

References ImpTwain::InitXfer(), meState, mpCurMgr, mpImpTwain, mxListener, mxMgr, and TWAIN_STATE_NONE.

TwainState Twain::GetState (  )  const [inline]

Definition at line 799 of file scanwin.cxx.

References meState.

Member Data Documentation

uno::Reference< lang::XEventListener > Twain::mxListener [private]

Definition at line 783 of file scanwin.cxx.

Referenced by PerformTransfer().

uno::Reference< scanner::XScannerManager > Twain::mxMgr [private]

Definition at line 784 of file scanwin.cxx.

Referenced by PerformTransfer(), and SelectSource().

const ScannerManager* Twain::mpCurMgr [private]

Definition at line 785 of file scanwin.cxx.

Referenced by PerformTransfer(), and SelectSource().

ImpTwain* Twain::mpImpTwain [private]

Definition at line 786 of file scanwin.cxx.

Referenced by PerformTransfer(), SelectSource(), and ~Twain().

TwainState Twain::meState [private]

Definition at line 787 of file scanwin.cxx.

Referenced by GetState(), PerformTransfer(), and SelectSource().

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